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March 4th 2009
Published: March 4th 2009
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Fri(20th) It begins
Well the snow was gone by 4 days that time and I was aware that J+J were arriving on 22nd Feb and would be dissapointed that they had no snow. Meanwhile I continued to use the car negotiating snowy roads till some area were cleared on the 2nd day.Shopped till I dropped (following money in from pension )and that included the next payment of car insurance 400 lv. Again I found myself waiting for the next pension payment, as on top of the expenses I alsom had got 50Lv for G+M's electricity and 140 Lv for mine. However when i went to pay mine the woman in the village who collects for e-on remarked that I actually owed 498.16 lv.(Shoch,horror and disbelief.)IF THAT WAS TRUE THEN IT WOULD HAVE TO WAIT TILL MARCH when next pension was in. I continued to get ready for J+J visit but with this problem at the back of my mind all the time.Then on the 20th it began to snow in the early hours and continued steadily for the next 26 hrs!. Great and J+J arriving on 22nd.I notified them that we might have to cancell getting back to their house and settle for here
Big snow 2Big snow 2Big snow 2

Foot of steps
for the night. However M,G,and I set off on Sunday planning to go to the market,on to Mishu's(son) and to ZO to light the fires, clean the car and take rakia,bannitser and salad stuff.Having loaded up the car we began the journey.
Locals in the village had cleaned one car's width the day before and we made it up on to the top road.Again some cars using it over last 2 days had cleared two tracks of road and as nothing came towards us that was not too bad.Great - my hopes soared as they were previously very quick to clear the Dobrich ti V.Dol road. Another slap in the face.Not only had there been no plough of the road but instead the middle consisted of hard packed snow slightly wider than one vehicle.My heart sank at this stage but I continued on,waiting in the odd funkhole clearing to let on coming traffic pass.using 4x4 . We made it to the foot of the first downhill and with a run got to the top of the next before any traffic came. As we breasted the top it became clear why.2 lorries in front were off to one side waiting for
big snow 3big snow 3big snow 3

the plough to widen the middle track and then tow them out.i waited while the negotiations were accomplished and tucked into the side of the road waited to follow another van down the road to the village.(about 10/12 mins in all.We arrived into the village where an effort had been made to clear the road and I was even able to dissengage 4X4. However once thro' and on the climb up the next hill I again engaged 4X4. I could see that this time a lorry had got wedged in the middle track and they were working to clear a way.Again a tractor and plow were being used to rectify things.I put on the haxzard lights to warn rear approaching vehicles of problem ahead. parked on the left of the road and turned off the engine however about 7 mins later turned it back on to try and keep car warm as M was already feeling the cold!A further 15 mins passed as we waited and once the bottle neck cleared the stream of waiting traffic came on down.I had used theie side of the road as there was a tiny bit of cleared road but when it became my
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track to metas
turn i could not get sufficient pirchase to offset the slope of the road.The following cars lower down coukld and went past so I had to waittill it was clear soi could roll back to the bottom.Then I was able to negotiate it OK and a couple of cars waited to let me pass.The road was only marginally better after the plough still being compacted but virtually 2 car widths.As it was apart from waiting to let a lorry go by we got to the hill leading down into Valchi was again reasonably clear so we took a gamble to follow market road altho we had decided not to stop there.This worked well and after killing a little time we exited up the next hill.We were not sure at this stage whether or not to cancell Mishu's and decided to see how the road to Suvorovo (supposed to be clear but was not) would pann out at the turning off to Mishu's.As it turned out the info this time was correct and the road passable with care.30 mins break and a coffee later we set off for ZO via motorway to vetrino.Vetrino to ZO though not totally clear was
snow 3snow 3snow 3

ice curtain behind outhouses at 24
a lot better and going 'ingliski' (LHS )at times where snow had drifted onto our side we made it.Once again ZO was virtually clear with small deposits around the roads. georgie worked miracles with the car and fires,M managed to get warm again and I eventually went to the airport using the main road which was clear enuf.We returned after Metro shop via the motorway and then took turning after vetrino.A nice night although i only had a litle drink knowing what to face on the way home and hoping that some of the ploughs we saw working might have helped things.We retraced our steps to the turning at Devnya and took that road back to suvorovo.It was no clearer but the stretches with drifted packed snow we knew.The same proved true of V.Dol ,going down the hill this time ,slightly better as 2 vehicles could pass with care although road still solid with snow.All the other obstacles proved summountable with the limited traffic we met. i was very pleased to get home but knew that the next day (mon) I had to meet them at Kapital to start company setting up for Yunets property.With details given to vanya for
Big snow 7Big snow 7Big snow 7

snow covered area where chicken pens were
contract preparation we agreed to go again on Weds to sign in front of the notary public required by law. This would mean negotiating long route via Dobrich again but that way at least all relevant hills(up and down) were clear and reasonably good through the 2 villages.Returning home on the Mon I had had a look at the Botevo road but it was a disaster so i retraced my steps to dobrich as i had come. It was agreed that J+J would follow me to Boyana Weds night so that m could produce her banquet for them.Since drink was involved of course J+J accepted my invitation to stay overnight in my spare room .First time in use a) in Winter andB) with heater installed.They found it fine and I was releived.It does of course open the way for other brave souls prepared to face the winter weather. The rest of the week was uneventful although on Weds i had found out that bill was correct for electricity although i could not get a bill to check why it was so huge. Now I have realised that the small elect payments that i assumed were for the other house were

J+J overnite
actually for mine the bigger bills were for the lizard house.It hadn't crossed my mind as my meter was outside and therefore readable.they hadn't bothered to do so I think and the reading for the new amount I think/hope is basically arrears! Not very nice but better than being the one month's reading it says.Hope i'm corect or balloon will go up in conjunction with an interpreter!
This hiccup apart things went well,J+J got off to the airport ,I returned to B,parked the car at the house and walked to M's to celebrate for the first of 3 special ocassions.The first of march heralds the first day of spring and people give tokens to each other and for animals,cars etcThese are always red and white and remain in situ till the first stork is seen.Then they can be removed and usually finish up on a fruit tree for a bountiful harvest. thge next day was yesterday, which is basically like Independence day here celebrating removal of the 'Turkish Yoke'. no banquet but loads of rallies and marches throughout. The last memorable day in March is this Sun(8th) - woman's day which is celebrated in many european countries. We are going to join the family for a meal and drinking and dancing at a restaurant in Devnya and overnite at Vesco's so I can let my hair down and drink. looking forward to drinking with no immediate restraints. Today however was very special for me as I have just come back from giving blood(500mls).Though previously in Uk this has always been free I accepted my 20Lv credit for use at the shop and bought wine beer,washing up liquid for M+G( neither can give blood for health reasons)plus bleach(me) and fruit to share with them.They also gave away a T-shirt which was too small for me so I passed it on to M's neice Evalina for her kids. Well so that's 'youse 'up to date. I will try to include somw pics from the last snows. Bye supergran


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