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February 14th 2009
Published: February 14th 2009
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Without whom I would not be here to tell the tale.
'A happy Valentines day to all our readers'(hopefully). Here we currently have very cold wind to contend with,strong as well, as sitting here in my room with super ser on i listen to it howl around the eaves. Yesterday i interspersed my mail writing with a bath(not many places provide bath,bed, gas heating and internet connection together.!).Today I'm just glad to have peace for a while as yesterday my Bulgarian was stretched to the limit trying to get 2 of M's grandchildren to leave me in peace and go away to their own houses!In the end i succeeded but it took a lot out of me (and the day!).We had a brief overnight snowfall Thurs evening but by yesterday it had gone away in the sunshine.More expected towards next week. The last proper snow we had coincided with one of John's (car)times and I quickly went back to swop for the jeep before it got too bad.There was no snow in Zaicheno and 6" in Boyana.The new 4X4 information was put to good use although it still does not want to turn easily,with wheel slippage in this position,whilst negotiating snow and mud resulting ,outside lizard house.

Bottie has made a

Other half of the equation
full recovery although the loving affection is still present and hasn't waned as expected.Maybe he is feeeling his age(3)! I know I am as I have been diagnosed with cervical spondylitis ,resulting in some tingling in left arm.I was alarmed enough that when i had to go to get a blood pressure check(promised to finaghy center) I also mentioned the tingling.I had an ecg done and everything was perfect so that removed one fear (that I was having warnings like dad had before his coronary). Feel a bit stupid now but better safe than sorry.

I have found that the best help is to keep left hand behind my back wherever possible as this seems to free the nerve(s).No heavy lifting either.both new irritations but not life threatening!!Otherwise things are progressing smoothly. Routine established but too boring/'sad 'to talk about. However I have no complaints and am looking forward to seeing some people over here this year.Feel free to make plans anytime!

The other thing I have been doing is taking photos of old photos to get them on line and I have joined the facebook clan.Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks! I also
Rock climberRock climberRock climber

Yes my delight in naturism started early on!
had a most remarkable and exciting contact(via travelblog and my brothers) from a girl that i have not seen for 45 or so years and we have been doing lots of catching up. So life remains overwhelmingly good most of the time.May try to put some of the aged photos on this communication.So long,Supergran.

Additional photos below
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Filmstar portrait !Filmstar portrait !
Filmstar portrait !

Don't think so but nice photo to have anyway
Allie doubles as a horseAllie doubles as a horse
Allie doubles as a horse

Allan chesters giving sister(me) a piggyback.

John(chesters) and I negotiating the heavy warships in Helford passage Cornwall
Wish he was mineWish he was mine
Wish he was mine

Photo taken at sancreed riding stables on one of our annual cornish holidays.

First holiday abroad(necessitated by dad's coronary)
Al gets engagedAl gets engaged
Al gets engaged

Before celebration meal with john and margaret(fiancee)
taking the plungetaking the plunge
taking the plunge

1.8.'70 Pete and I marry in Fulwood church
Sue and iSue and i
Sue and i

Sue Williams(nee Thomas) my matron of honour who beat me to mariage by a month!
family photo callfamily photo call
family photo call

Where are all the girls! Answer first chesters courteousy of Richard and anne ,first laming pete and i
family picnicfamily picnic
family picnic

sue thomas as was and anne chesters+ richard chesters Pete and dad
Rick's weddingRick's wedding
Rick's wedding

Dig those socks or not as the case may be

The other half of the equation!

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