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January 16th 2009
Published: January 17th 2009
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home sweet homehome sweet homehome sweet home

The long road to home
Hi all! I can't tell you how good it feels to be back in Boyana.Unlike previous Boyana reports I have to announce with great pleasure that i am writing this from the top bedroom of the Lizard house, my own not being able too acheive a full signal.The only problem until 2 days ago was that it had no water inside although my leaking tap outside meant that the input remained unfrozen. However following entry to the property it then runs underground for about 12 feet to the house inlet.Since night temps were regularly from -15 to-4C, it remained frozen until 2 days ago.(In the spring G and I are going to trace its path and lagg it,so hopefully this problem will be a thing of the past.) With wc now operational and bath provision again this is proving to be an ok base,with the super ser from 24 in place in the room.

Yet again on my return Bulgaria turned up trumps and we had 10 cms snow lying for 10 days.The jeep was OK but when in 4X4 did not appear to be that much better.As I subsequently found out, thro' help from shopkeeper who own a jeep,it
Big freeze 3Big freeze 3Big freeze 3

Made it!
works better when wheel lock is adjusted.!!!(Think this is a man thing as even delving into the handbook ,after the event ,it wasn't very clear what I had to do!)

However on sat last, having shut upstairs and retired to my bedroom, unusually about 5 mins later he was mewing outside the door.Since the temp was down to -8 that night I thought i would spoil and let him sleep with me. I was horrified to see him limping badly and on gentle examination of the leg I felt something sharp and he snapped at me.i reckoned that the bone had broken and i was feeling it through the skin.Needless to say it was not a restful night and I heard B licking and licking his leg and moaning softly. unfortunately about 4 cms of fresh snow had fallen on top of the hard packed frozen underlayer and i didn't partiularly want to drive anywhere that day.Although he would not let me examine it he seemed to be putting some weight on it. i decided to make the usual early am
Big freeze2Big freeze2Big freeze2

Lord of the freeze and monarch of 24
visit to G+M for coffee and breakfast before looking at him later.When I eventually returned to the living room he was obviously in pain so I knew I should take him to the vets in Dobrich rather than waiting and hoping.To add to my problems a thick fog(present at breakfast) had if anything got denser!! Lovely and with a non operational 4X4 I set off for dobrich.The road was partially clear and travelling at about 40 km/h I made it.After an X-ray I was relieved to find that it was not broken but badly pulled and swollen.For the next 2 days I went to dobrich for injections and there was enough of an improvement to wait til Weds for the next visit.In the meantime the sharp( ?) had dissapeared.So all's well again.

Yesterday I visited the house at Zaicheno and am pleased to report all well Jan and John. Your car is now in action again for a while and seems to be running better than before. I have discovered that i can get yearly Vignettes here so now jeep and car both are covered for the year to be on the roads. I am also reasonably expert(!) at
big freeze 1big freeze 1big freeze 1

Never leave a tap unrepaired and especially before winter!
finding correct insurance ,MOT and tax provision for use here.(Possibly of interest to any Brits with cars over here.). Now that I have my new setup here I should be able to make more regular reports so I'm going to finish now and since the sun's over the yard arm here I'm going to join G in a wee (Xmas gift ) whisky before heading to do some tidying at 24. Bye for now, Supergran.


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