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Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Boyana March 15th 2020

12th March 2020 Sofia, Bulgaria Bulgaria just keeps getting better and better, and Sofia is beautiful!We have booked our ongoing tickets to Belgrade Serbia, although this time they have asked for our phone number in the event that the border is closed. Mmmm! Our apartment is really central again and we've found the local supermarket and walked to the centre of town.The free walking tour tomorrow will show us everything we need to see, so better wait until then to explore more. 13th March 2020 Sophia Being next to the tram line can be a real advantage. When you are on the first floor right on the tram line, it is not conducive to good sleep when it feels and sounds like the tram is running right through your bedroom every 60 seconds from 6am! Our ... read more
Rila Monastery
Rila Monastery
Rila Monastery

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Boyana May 8th 2010

Well I have changed to holding my breath, as progress occurs at a whirlwind pace, hoping for rain to germinate the seeds planted out(corn and pumkins).Yureeka we had rain last night - not long but heavy and some sun back today so hopefully things will start to move in the veg . department.The other good thing that was a change was that we had no late frost so we have pleanty of plums,cherries,and apples. rakia should be a bumper quantity!!! So what progress. Well in 10 days the men have installed all new lamp fixtures, have done some of the old problems and the paint will wait till nearer the autumn. Two big projects are also accomplished(with again moderate finishing touches to be applied.) In the conservatory(completely finished barring the overall paint job) the old sink ... read more
window goes in
Waste pipes go to the septic tank
completed drainage

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Boyana April 16th 2010

In order to placate my son I've spelt it the english way.The other is however an alternative(See dictionary) showing my american roots! Anyway any how you spell it it has mostly disapeared.Some recurrence but not on heavy infestations and in fact it is possible that these were later developments.After discussion with the builder I don't intend to waterproof the walls but instead use a new state of the art weatherproof/insulating addition to the paint before final repaint.Valizar saw it at the' ideal home'(equivalent) exhibition in Sofia.Though expensive it should save time and therefore money that way in the end. Another good news item is that my precious funds have been returned to me at last(3 months after they were requested) and so things here are on the up.Next stage will be to finish off the few ... read more
Easter meal
Meta and sister -in-law

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Boyana March 4th 2010

Just a brief report really about the mold problem at 24 and elsewhere.After 3 weeks of every other day recleaning rooms affected with mold from inclement weather coupled with new plaster and paint work(using Domestos solution), the weather improved enough for me to complete all outstanding buisness and actually have time to enquire at Praktiker what i could use to remove mold.Answer SAVO.Yahee!Bought one and returned to attack the mold in the lounge.Sprayed all areas and went to find a cloth to clean off mucky residue running down the walls.I was only away for a couple of minutes but came back to find that i couldn't see where I had sprayed and no sign of mold or muck.Next day went to dobrich to get refils to complete rest of house.Again everything dissapeared as if by magic.Fairly ... read more
Where is the mold?
Spring at last

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Boyana February 12th 2010

The 17th of the month i headed to swop my car for the white one. It wasn't too bad on the way out but then G said to come back via V.Dol.This proved ok but slightly tricky near the end as the snow had begun to fall.The idea was to get the car serviced ,an MOT and taxed as I had insured it the previous week.What a mistake as the snow continued to fall unceasingly until Wednesday.There was no way I was getting out of the village, nor anyway lorries with supplies were getting in!! However by Mon(1st) there was a small window of opourtunity as the weather had been mildly kind towards the weekend.The car got a service, it's MOT ,I got supplies and then returned to Boyana.Having used the motorway back again I then ... read more
Lizard house kitchen window!
gas anyone?
patio doors(inside)

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Boyana October 29th 2009

I've entitled this blog waiting as it seems to sum up my life currently. Firstly I am waiting for my funds in the UK to reach my bank a/c here so that i can 1)Pay for my extensive double glazing to make life so much warmer and cheaper. 2)The same funds will provide for jeep insurance and winter tyres as necessary - need both before travelling to Uk on 28th November. 3) For Stan to provide his billhead for the repairs to Yunets and independant assessment that they have been completedThen the insurance money should come. 4)For Monday when I will go to the Eurohospital to get tests(hopefully) to see what is happening in my gut, check with the bank re money and call with insurance to explain current problems I am having. 5)For Velizar to ... read more
well-earned rest

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Boyana September 18th 2009

I hope you enjoyed the few photos that I loaded last time.There are lots more but it will have to wait till I can acess broadband speed .Probably Sam's. Still I now have a computer with an intact battery which means I can also access free wifi outlets at stores and cafes in Dobrich and Varna.! I also am using the printer scanner Sam and Stu purchased here (many thanks).Already it has enabled me to print off all the ferry bookings for Dec/Jan at home!I will be leaving here on the 28th afternoon Nov and all being well will catch the 14.01 sailing to Dover from Dunkirkon 1st Dec.Then make my way steadily up towards the Wirral where I hope to spend some time with Joan and Den.(2nd Dec).Catch the ferry to Belfast from Birkenhead on ... read more
relaxing in style
oops I did it again
favourite indoor option

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Boyana September 16th 2009

Here are some of the photos taken when the kids were here. Among others from visits to Balchik'palace',kamchia,stone forest and rusenski lom park.... read more
heart stone
love in not on the rocks
Love heart(s)

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Boyana September 12th 2009

Much has happened since my last entry.Kids visit went very well, enabling me to be a tourist again and also passenger in my own car most of the time.Thanks Stu. Dog had a type of mildly virulent mange and has progressed well after a series of vet visits and medication.travelling to there in car was messy BUT EVENTUALLY WITH PERSEVERANCE WE MANAGED A TRIP TO kAMCHIA,YUNETS AND BOYANA IN ONE DAY with only dribble to contend with!Will aim to take her on small' pleasant' runs in the future from time to time to keep conditioning going whilst maintaining her semi-wild status. We all went to V. Turnovo on the first Sat. before saying goodbye to Sven and Clare travelling on the next day to Sofia and then Athens.Unlike the first visit in Oct 2006, it was ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Boyana March 4th 2009

Well the snow was gone by 4 days that time and I was aware that J+J were arriving on 22nd Feb and would be dissapointed that they had no snow. Meanwhile I continued to use the car negotiating snowy roads till some area were cleared on the 2nd day.Shopped till I dropped (following money in from pension )and that included the next payment of car insurance 400 lv. Again I found myself waiting for the next pension payment, as on top of the expenses I alsom had got 50Lv for G+M's electricity and 140 Lv for mine. However when i went to pay mine the woman in the village who collects for e-on remarked that I actually owed 498.16 lv.(Shoch,horror and disbelief.)IF THAT WAS TRUE THEN IT WOULD HAVE TO WAIT TILL MARCH when next pension ... read more
Big snow 2
big snow 3
Big snow 4

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