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May 4th 2019
Published: May 4th 2019
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The next stop was Sarajevo .

It is our guides favourite city on this tour and I can understand that . It is basically a Moslem town . It has a very busy market area and and MANY churches ( both Catholic and orthodox) museums synagogues , from Sppain and Ploand , and mosques to visit. They , not sure who that is , refer to it as the Jerusalam of the Balkins .

It is a beautiful place in many ways , that has largely been rebuilt since the war of the 90's .Ourlocal guide was a child of 7 when it began and his stories really were of his own experiences. He talked of the suddenness of the siege. One day there was no power , electricity or water . Soon after the mortars started to fly and not long after that the snipers started their work . He is Muslim and he resents the damage they did and the people they killed . Yet underneath it I sensed a contempt . The seige really makes no sense given the strength of the Serbian Army . They could easily have invaded and taken it all in a short period of time rather than hiding in the surrounding hills destroying from a distance..I asked about that and his response was they were cowards! Therein was the contempt..

The arrival of the UN was lauded as a wonderful thing until they realized the UN would do nothing . They were observers only and were not allowed to intervene in any fashion . Yes provisions could be brought into the airport where they were stationed but there was no way to get those provisions into the city . So, they drug a tunnel . 1mx1.6m and 800m long. Toting things was back breaking and they did it for 3 years. Eventually they installed a track , lighting , and even a fuel line ..

The tunnel was quite then endeavour considering the obstacles , foremost being ground water .

It was used for other things as well . Our guide remembers being about 10 when his grandmother died and they used the tunnel to go to her funeral .

As I said most of the city has been rebuilt but there are still remnants of the war. Burnt out building , holes caused from mortars and guns in the sides of buildings and Sarajevo Roses. These are sites on sidewalks or streets were someone was shot and killed by a sniper. The cement is still pocked and painted red as a reminder of the tragedy .

In spite of the history it was a good place to send time . VERY busy with tourism , it was a holiday weekend , and much of the merchandise comes from Turkey . It good food and good company continues .

From Sarajevo we travelled to Mostar just for 24 hours basically to see the Bridge . Actually the whole town is a UNESCO heritage site well worth seeing . An old town built of stone with Serbs living on one side of the river and Catholics on the other.

We had dinner on a terrace overlooking the Bridge and the river and it was lovely . Not sure if I mentioned it but our group is now down to 8 a nice number . 5 Canadians and 3 New Zealanders...

The more I hear of the Serbs the less I like them .

Enough for now . Keep in touch as I begin week 4 of this adventure.

Enjoy spring where ever you are. B-H is at least t 2 oor 3 weeks behind the weather in Eastern Europe so I am getting a second spring. Once again we have magnolia , tulips and daffodils blooming and new leaves beginning to unfurl . I think when I return I will get my 3rd spring of 2019.



4th May 2019

You'll be damn lucky to come back to spring here! It's still freezing at night & although sunny some days, there's a bitterly cold wind. Interested in hearing more about your comment about Serbs - when you get back.
5th May 2019

Could be anything those 3 Springs! Not a broken bed,I hope. Your trip sounds highly informative and pleasurable. I hope it continues that way. I have Pasqua flowers of both colours and lots of buds. Cathy M was here at the end of April and she was great. Keep enjoying and we shall see you mid month.
5th May 2019

hi Pam
Thanks Pam, so very interesting! We had a wonderful anniversary party, a week ago already. Lots of good visits, food and singing. Our spring is very slow still below freezing every night and I haven't done any yard work yet. Soon I hope!
6th May 2019

Eastern Europe Countries
It has been interesting to read your comments of these countries as I have friends who originate from some of those countries . Comments all sound similar as they recover from the communist years and the war of the early 90's and much dislike for the Serbians.Many people feel they still have close ties and values to the Russians. Perhaps because of the Orthodox religion and aggressive tendencies to get what they want at any costs. History is very interesting, the old buildings are fascinating and the wars reflect the many conflicts .Enjoy walking the steps of history and the good beer!!!!

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