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May 7th 2019
Published: May 8th 2019
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What a lovely little town Kotor is ! I had vaguely heard of the bay but not the town and it is delightful. Unfortunately the weather was terrible . A huge amount of rain fell on our way from Mostar and continued for 24 hours . We were staying in the old town , a walled city , and the narrow streets were full of water .Fortunately there are no vehicles allowed within the walls so the only splashing was from the downspout s .I had been wearing my sport sandals when I arrived but by 6 pm my feet were cold and I warmed them up in the shower before heading out for supper in my runners , which were soaked through in a short time. The next morning our sea kayak adventure had to be cancelled . We did however don our rain gear and toured Budka another walled city on the Bay and the new port which was designed and built by Peter Munk ( Monk ?)of Toronto . This harbour I is incredible ...definately forthe rich and famous . The boats are in all sizes but some of the yachts looked to be 3 stories high . $12000 buys you a birth for a week.The condos and apartments are beautiful as well Nd I imagine very expensive.. This whole development is less than 10 years old and has just been sold to the Saudis.

On our return to Motor we were fortunate the rain stopped so after a pizza lunch we climbed to the top of the "mountain" where the fortress stood . There were several ways to go and we chose the longer zigzag route which took about an hour. ..and I did it with several rest stops along the way . The view was in credible and I must admit I am proud of myself .coming down we used the stairs and my shins really regretted that . Something like 560 steps in all . Getting back to the hotel all I wanted was a shower. As we were leaving the hotel for supper several of the group were in the lounge and a glass of wine sounded perfect . ..and it started to rain again so we ate in their dining room and it was very good .I have been enjoying seafood in this area. Sea bass, bream and one night the best grilled tuna I have ever eaten .

The next day we left Montenegro and crossed into Croatia. Another rainy travel day but it did clear upwhen we arrived in Dubrovnik. Another interesting city . The overlook driving in was the scene one sees on postcards and promo materials. .Walking the walls , checking out museums and churches has kept us busy for three days.

The group has rea─║y worked well together. Having free time , days and half days is a good idea when travelling . We generally meet for supper and compare notes which is helpful planning the next activity . I have enjoyed it .

That,s all for now we were about to head to the ferry dock to take a 3 hour ride to Hvar . I shall probably do once more post on this journey . Reading over my blogs I alternately curse and laugh at what autocorrect does . Believe me i do edit before impost but somehow that doesn't always hold .

Be well , keep,in touch .


8th May 2019

It actually may warm up a bit by the time you get back! Finally! Your timing might be perfect! Looking forward to hearing more & see your photos.
8th May 2019

Hey, Pam, sounds good, except for too much rain! We are still praying, hoping, and dancing for rain, any rain. Last night was the final temperature below zero (I hope), and the sun is shining, temps are warming, and plants are growing! Leaves are popping out on the trees like they can't wait anymore. Lilies and peonies are finally brave enough to pop their little faces out of the ground. Everybody is ready for some warm weather here.
9th May 2019


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