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May 10th 2019
Published: May 10th 2019
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The ferry ride was great . A large catamaran and good visibility is a great combination. Sometimes we were on the open sea, the Adriatic , others we were sailing between islands. I can not lie , a slept at least an hour.

I think I shortchanged Dubrovnik. I think it is one of the largest walled cities I have ever been in . Day three we had gone over to Lokrun Island and from the water I realized what a lovely city it was. There are lots of levels and stairs to climb and it is tiring walking about but it is worth the effort .Fortunately we were able to aŕive each day @9 am before the masses from the cruise ships arrived. It is a busy , and expensive place , with hordes visiting because of The Game Of Thrones.

The museum that really got my attention was the War Photo Museum .The permanent exhibit was on the end of Yugoslavia .The places we had visited , Novi Sad , Mostar , Sarajevo ,Dubrovnik all suffered terribly at the hand of the Serbs . Seeing photos of the destruction made it real . I knew about it but the cities today are beautiful . The reconstruction has been done respecting the original . Yes there were/are scars and shells of buildings around but those photos really brought it home for me. The tensions between the three groups still exists and the rising nationalism makes me wonder how long the peace will continue.


We arrived in Hvar and enjoyed a great meal . I had black spaghetti with cuttlefish and it was,good ...but left my mouth , tongue and teeth black ...had I known I may have had something else. The hotel we are in this time is really a resort and very comfortable . This is fortunate as the rain started in the middle of the night and the sea was high and our morning boat trip was cancelled. We have not been lucky with the weather in the Balkans . I guess all of Europe is experiencing crummy weather lately . Spring!

I can not complain to much about the cancelled boat trip as it was replaced by a wine tasting at one of the vineyards in Hvar . They offered us 4 different wines along with food bites . It was very good . The owner also offered us his home made tomato jam . Excellent !Peeled and seeded tomatoes slow cooker for a few hours then finished with a bit of brandy and lemon zest . So good !

The rain did clear in the afternoon and I explored to town that afternoon . I did not climb up to the fortress ... I am tired of climbing ! Actually I think I am just tired . My energy did return at supper with a delicious Dalmation beef stew . It was really good .

This morning we again took a ferry .We are now in Split and it is the final stop on this tour . Another interesting city. Diocletain retired here in 300 AD . It is another UNESCO heritage site and has been continuously inhabited by a succession of conquerors. I like it . The old town is charming and the markets are fun . Tourism is important but the locals are in the markets not at the kiosks on the port side . It is the 3rd largest port of the Mediterranean. .Lots of boats ...some really big boats as well as working fishing boats.

Tonight we will be having our farewell dinner . It has been a good journey with a good group of people . 28 days is quite a long tour . I need to reflect on that when I return home . I am tired of living out of a suitcase. Whatever...

Do stay in touch . I may add a bit in Copenhagen. ..


10th May 2019

Glad you enjoyed your trip. Thanks for sharing it. Safe travels home.
10th May 2019

I'm not a Game of Thrones-watcher, so don't understand the references. Do they film the show in Dubrovnik? Also wondering about your reflections on the "Serbs"--you mean the Serbian army? Or the people in general? I think I should do some reading about that war. I know the genocide was horrible, but wonder which politicians were to blame. Enjoy your last few days; hopefully the weather co-operates in Denmark. On the home front, we had a teeny bit of rain last night! It smelled SO NICE this morning.
10th May 2019

10th May 2019

Length of tour
I hear you about a 28 day tour! That's longer than I like to be away from home. I also like to have some time that isn't scheduled, albeit G Adventures tours do build that in to a certain extent. Nevertheless, if all tours were as action-packed as the Morocco tour, that simply isn't for me. I did my last facilitation yesterday. Today I feel drained & exhausted. It's a decision waiting to be made & it has been. I want to figure out how to celebrate my 7 year stint as a consultant (2013-2019) and recognize some clients. At this point in my life, I'd like to spend more of my time on things like our Syrian refugee family and gatherings with friends. Jane & I want to do a Morocco party before the end of June. Have fun in Copenhagen - I do look forward to hearing about it if you have time! Warmest hugs from Joy
12th May 2019

So today
I prepped the garden as I'm sure its warm enough to sit in! Finally! Tomorrow is potatoe day. I look forward to hearing your adventures very soon.
12th May 2019

Spring rain
Sorry you have had so much rain. Not as bad as Spain last year,I hope. Perhaps Copenhagen was fine. You will be looking forward to your greenery back here in your backyard. I am looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday and hearing more stories. Mo

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