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May 3rd 2019
Published: May 3rd 2019
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Travelling through the counttryside is quite interesting . Seeing canola at different stages from Germany -Poland- Hungary and now means nearly continuous bloom . Bosnia it is probably 3 weeks later .

OccasionLy we have seen deer. Highways in Germany , Poland and Austria have fences in the forested areas.

The roads are good

Lots of forested lands .coniferous , at higher altitudes and boreal otherwise

Serbia looks poorer than Bosnia

Farming fields are long and narrow . It reminded me of Quebec.

Forest floors are clean and most yards have stacks of wood. I think they heTvwitg wood.

Lots of areas of power generating windmills . They supply a LOT of power in Europe as do solar panels.

ALL kinds of trees in bloom . Enough to trigger my alergies .Thank goodness I brought my nasal spray.

Lots of green houses and plastic tunnels ...for vegetables I think.

Weisen is wheat beer and Porter is dark.

Cattle ,sheep and goats grazing in the pasture lands.

There are graveyards everywhere . Old countries with a lot of wars.

Many houses are w stories with a balcony on the second floor ...where laundry hangs.

The mountains (?)big hills really are quite beautiful and around Sarajevo and on the way to Mostar they still have snow.

Serb housing in the countryside seem to be u shapped with barns or garages on the bottom

The wars in this part of the world have left there Mark. .Literally bombed and burned buildings many reconstructions , bullet and mortar shell holes in walls and Sarajevo roses where victims of snipers died . But life goes on .


4th May 2019

Such an interesting part of the world. My colleague immigrated to Canada from Serbia in 1996 to escape the war. How awful humans can be sometimes. She recalls the centuries-old stone buildings and walkways, and remembers them being polished "like glass" from the weather and use. Her family had a summer home in Dubrovnik, which she remembers fondly. She says you're in for a treat when you get to the Adriatic locales. Enjoy! Still chilly and dry in Saskatoon; only a few millimeters of rain in all of April. Still the hardy perennials are starting to peek up, but we need rain (I'm a farmer's daughter!).

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