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Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo April 11th 2009

I'll have to admit that I knew embarrassingly little about Sarajevo before I came -- all I knew about it was that it's the capital of one of the longest country names I had the misfortune to memorize in geography class, and that its claim to fame (in my mind, mind you :P) was being the city that was bombed to smithereens in the recent Bosnian conflict. The moment I arrived at the bus station, I instantly learned a couple of important things: 1) The Lukavica bus station is a decrepit, sorry-for-an-excuse bus depot/hovel which serves as the secondary international bus station in the city where all the reject routes end up in Sarajevo (AKA the buses coming in from Serbia and Montenegro :P), located in the middle of nowhere 2) And because I was currently ... read more
Latin Bridge
Elite Model Management!!
Pigeon Square

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo April 7th 2009

Sarajevo tiene tres ciudades en una que pertenecen a tiempos diferentes: la parte otomana con sus casas, mezquitas, cementerios, el zoco y la fuente; la parte realizada en la época que perteneció al imperioAustro-Húngaro con sus edificios neoclasicos centroeuropeos como la biblitoeca en estilo morisco, los cafés, calles e iglesias y por último, la ciudad del siglo XX. Saraybosna'da birde üç kentedir, hepsi frakli dönemde kalma. Birinci osmanli kente, evleri, kahveler, camiler, çarsi, sebil; XIX yy. kalma avustrurya imperatorlugu döneminde birçok ev, tiyatro, belediye saray, neoklsik tarzi veya oriental, kutuphane gibi, sonunda XX yy kalma yugoslav veya bosniak. ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo March 3rd 2009

My last night in Serbia was dominated by apprehension, since I had read only on my last day in this schizophrenic country that all foreigners have to register with the local police within 24 hours of arrival. I decided to go to the immigration office and ask some vague questions. The man in charge was more than unfriendly, being very impatient and highly irritable having to deal with me and my questions. He said I would have to pay a hefty fine, but he didn't know exactly how much. In reply to my asking what would happen if I didn't pay and tried to leave the country, he said coldly: "Then you have problem at the border". In reality it wasn't all too bad. I slept for the best part of the bus journey and only ... read more
Catholic church
Old men playing chess
Jewish Museum

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo February 9th 2009

just had to update again today so we're back at the internet cafe looking up some stuff for slovenia (skiing, hotels, transportation, etc) and we're in an internet cafe FULL of local boys (men) screaming and shouting and all playing doom or some equally inane computer game and acting like a bunch of children! from the noise in here you wouldn't know but it was a rockin night club or a sports arena.... anyways, after the last entry, i managed to hike up another hill on the east side of town and got treated to the best views yet! too bad jeff was too lazy and stayed in to read. the sun setting over the mountains west of the city, the river winding through, the dozens of minarets ("bell towers" of mosques) towering over the houses ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo February 9th 2009

There's no war in sight... although there are reminders. Well we got up at the crack of dawn the other morning in Duborvnik to get to the bus station for our 800 bus away from the coast into Bosnia. Nothing was open and we were starved. I had a bag of paprika potato chips and a twix bar, and jeff had espresso from a machine and a bag of pretzels for breakfast. then off on the bus, which was pretty empty, further up the beautiful coastline. bosnia has a short coastline so we had a couple of border checks along the way but basically just flashed a passport and off we went. the Neretva river flows through bosnia and out to the coast of croatia in a huge delta covered with farms growing lemons, oranges, veggies ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo December 6th 2008

We arrived in Sarajevo when the city's lights began to glow. We could tell we were going to like this place from the moment the train pulled into the station and we caught our first glimpse of its hilly landscape. We arrived in the city late at night and had to decide whether to take a cab or a bus. The bus seemed sketchy that late, so we approached the taxis. We had heard that Sarajevo is known to have one of lowest cab rates. We tried to use our Ukrainian to speak to the driver because the languages seemed similar and we hoped he could understand us and not think we're from North America. Well he thought we were Polish and he didn't really seem to like us after that either. So we spoke to ... read more
View from the hills.
Old Quarter.

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo November 10th 2008

The train ride to Sarajevo from Mostar is very scenic took about 3 something hours, we got tired of the scenic view so Barry and I dozed off for a bit, I woke up when the train was stopped and later realized we are already in Sarajevo and we both got out quickly off the train before it gets going again. We found just outside of the train station the tram stop, bought our ticket from the kiosk in front of the station and we hopped on to tram 1, 8 stops later we are in Bascarcija stop. We asked around the Haris Youth Hostel office, we found it with ease just a bit on the hill. Adnan checked me in, Barry however chose to have his own room so Adnan phoned a few pension houses ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo October 31st 2008

After much encouragement from readers (I'm so flattered people are checking for updates!) and the discovery of a cheap internet place in Sarajevo, I'm going to try to write a longer entry. Bosnia is fantastic, and the people here are incredibly nice. Every day we experience extreme highs and lows, staying in a Soviet apartment block surrounded by bullet-riddled buildings, then stumbling across impromptu parties, wandering through beautiful old labryntine streets and talking and talking to people. We are staying in Sarajevo with a Turkish guy who works for the EU police, and he gives us rides in an EU car. There is another couchsurfer too, Tanya from Germany who biked for 3 years through South, Central and North America and is now taking a roundabout way of biking home for Christmas. Yesterday we woke up, ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo October 23rd 2008

As well as being the catalyst for this entire journey, Sarajevo is the most incredible city I have ever seen or am likely to see in my lifetime. And I can go anywhere I want. But between April 1992 and late 1995, the only way in or out of this city was by sprinting across an airport runway or by queuing for hours to go through an underground tunnel, hoping not to be hit by bullets. The longest siege in human history saw over 10,000 killed and about 50,000 wounded as the Yugoslav People's Army and Bosnian Serb forces occupied the hills around the city. Using tanks, mortars and sniper fire to target civilians, the attackers wanted to break the spirit of the people to reclaim the city for the Republic Srpska, an area of Bosnia ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo September 28th 2008

Mostar & Sarajevo Saying good bye to Dubrovnik I took a 6 hour bus ride to Sarajevo, stopping first at Mostar for a four hour period, to explore and view and walk across the slim, elegant Stari Most (Old Bridge) - Mostar's icon. I've seen this bridge in many publications and travel shows and always wanted to visit, the opportunity was there - Here I found a young diver earning a living (as many do) from tourists by plunging off the bridge 21meters into the icy river below. On this day he seemed to have cold feet and would procrastinate the plunge or simply the tourists did not want to part with their money - the wait was to long to hang around. There is more to this place than the bridge - here among the ... read more
Stari Most - Old Bridge
Stari Most - Old Bridge

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