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Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo December 6th 2008

We arrived in Sarajevo when the city's lights began to glow. We could tell we were going to like this place from the moment the train pulled into the station and we caught our first glimpse of its hilly landscape. We arrived in the city late at night and had to decide whether to take a cab or a bus. The bus seemed sketchy that late, so we approached the taxis. We had heard that Sarajevo is known to have one of lowest cab rates. We tried to use our Ukrainian to speak to the driver because the languages seemed similar and we hoped he could understand us and not think we're from North America. Well he thought we were Polish and he didn't really seem to like us after that either. So we spoke to ... read more
View from the hills.
Old Quarter.

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo November 10th 2008

The train ride to Sarajevo from Mostar is very scenic took about 3 something hours, we got tired of the scenic view so Barry and I dozed off for a bit, I woke up when the train was stopped and later realized we are already in Sarajevo and we both got out quickly off the train before it gets going again. We found just outside of the train station the tram stop, bought our ticket from the kiosk in front of the station and we hopped on to tram 1, 8 stops later we are in Bascarcija stop. We asked around the Haris Youth Hostel office, we found it with ease just a bit on the hill. Adnan checked me in, Barry however chose to have his own room so Adnan phoned a few pension houses ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo October 31st 2008

After much encouragement from readers (I'm so flattered people are checking for updates!) and the discovery of a cheap internet place in Sarajevo, I'm going to try to write a longer entry. Bosnia is fantastic, and the people here are incredibly nice. Every day we experience extreme highs and lows, staying in a Soviet apartment block surrounded by bullet-riddled buildings, then stumbling across impromptu parties, wandering through beautiful old labryntine streets and talking and talking to people. We are staying in Sarajevo with a Turkish guy who works for the EU police, and he gives us rides in an EU car. There is another couchsurfer too, Tanya from Germany who biked for 3 years through South, Central and North America and is now taking a roundabout way of biking home for Christmas. Yesterday we woke up, ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo October 23rd 2008

As well as being the catalyst for this entire journey, Sarajevo is the most incredible city I have ever seen or am likely to see in my lifetime. And I can go anywhere I want. But between April 1992 and late 1995, the only way in or out of this city was by sprinting across an airport runway or by queuing for hours to go through an underground tunnel, hoping not to be hit by bullets. The longest siege in human history saw over 10,000 killed and about 50,000 wounded as the Yugoslav People's Army and Bosnian Serb forces occupied the hills around the city. Using tanks, mortars and sniper fire to target civilians, the attackers wanted to break the spirit of the people to reclaim the city for the Republic Srpska, an area of Bosnia ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo September 28th 2008

Mostar & Sarajevo Saying good bye to Dubrovnik I took a 6 hour bus ride to Sarajevo, stopping first at Mostar for a four hour period, to explore and view and walk across the slim, elegant Stari Most (Old Bridge) - Mostar's icon. I've seen this bridge in many publications and travel shows and always wanted to visit, the opportunity was there - Here I found a young diver earning a living (as many do) from tourists by plunging off the bridge 21meters into the icy river below. On this day he seemed to have cold feet and would procrastinate the plunge or simply the tourists did not want to part with their money - the wait was to long to hang around. There is more to this place than the bridge - here among the ... read more
Stari Most - Old Bridge
Stari Most - Old Bridge

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo September 12th 2008

We've been on our hols round a few of the Balkan countries for almost a week now although it feels like much longer. We started by flying into Split where we got a bus to the centre from airport and met the girl whose apartment we were staying in, which was really nice, a tiny little thing which we had to ourselves with kitchen and everything you'd need for much longer than the one night we were staying. We took in the small town with it's nice waterfront, old Roman palace and random 'beach' (more like a bit of concrete with horrible pebbly bit) but it was hot all the same so it was really nice. After we had done that we inevitably ended up in several bars and stayed there for the day. We ate ... read more
Ferry to Korcula
City Walls

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo August 18th 2008

A little update since we only had two days in this place before we moved onto Belgrade.. Well we wish we had stayed longer in Sarajevo even though it is only a tiny city for the capital of a country. The bus trip from Dubrovnik was spectular going over mountains, along cliffs and into deep valleys but the best part of the trip was the stop over we made along the way. We have not really been eating any meat when travelling since it is eith to expensive or to hard to find a place to cook but in Bosnia it is the best! This place we stopped at had 12 spit roasts on the go and some how we managed to get a massive roll of meat each and it was the best! Just imagine ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo August 5th 2008

After the longest train journey since the creation of trains and a 3 hour delay in Croatia where the local shop decided a good exchange rate was 1 euro to 1 kuna (it should be 10) I finally made it in to Sarajevo just as they were locking up the station. Sarajevo is very different to the countries Ive been to so far due to its massively Turkish influence. The old town is a maze of cobbled streets lined with souvenir shops with hundreds of minarets overlooking them. Its only when you take a second look that you see that almost every single building is peppered with bullet holes and those that arent are reconstructions funded by other countries to help rebuild the region after the war when Yugoslavia broke up. The place seemed to be ... read more
Sarajevo 2
Sarajevo 3
Sarajevo 4

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo August 2nd 2008

Had fun in Sarajevo, didn't tread on a landmine... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo July 20th 2008

Sarajevo on hieno! En päässyt Istanbuliin asti, mutta tämä on meilkein yhtä hyvä. Kulunut ja rähjäinen kaupunki täynnä elämää. Sodan arvet ovat vielä paikoitellen nähtävissä talojen julkisivuissa. Kaupunki näyttää vähän niin kuin laastaroidulta. Monista rakennuksista näkee, että niitä on paikkailtu. Moskeijoiden minaretit luovat itämaisen tunnelman. Muslimeja näkyy myös katukuvassa; hunnutettuja naisia siis, eihän miehistä niin tiedä. Tätä pidemälle en tällä matkalla ehdi. Nyt on aika lähteä takaisinpäin. Travemunden satamaan onkin yli 2000 kilometriä. Aikaa paluumatkaan on noin viikko. Piece of cake? We will see, stay tuned for the next episode... :)... read more

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