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Shane & Kim

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island February 6th 2014

Like all good adventure stories, this one starts off like any other day. While going about our daily routine in the Shire of Balgowlah, I noticed that there was some new correspondence from a long lost Uncle, the great wizard James Snyder of Chatham Shire. He was boasting of his annual journey to the land of Hobbiton, known as New Zealand on the HobbitBook message board. After a quick discussion and a few Golummail’s back and forth to James, we decided to visit the lands of New Zealand and fit in a much overdue visit. We left armed with plane tickets, only our first two nights' accommodation, and a loose plan to meet James at noon hour of the 7that the central crossing of Queen Street and Vulcan Lane. Over the afternoon with James we loaded ... read more
Elliott Stables for dinner one evening
Us in Rotorua
Lake Rotorua

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Balgowlah November 23rd 2013

Since we arrived in Sydney at the end of November, on any given day you can find us... ...having too much fun to keep up with blogs! ...going to the beach all the time! Clontarf if Emmi is choosing, Fairlight if we just want something close we can walk to, Manly or Freshie if we want some good waves for bodysurfing. And any other beach we feel like! ...walking to Manly from Maja and Steve's. Sometimes with Maja and SK8 if the mommas want a walk, sometimes on our own just for fun ...going to the small mall, having coffee and tagging along to Emmi's many playdates ...going to the big mall for when proper shopping needs to happen ...feeling at home hanging out with Maja, Emmi and Charlie during the day and helping out with ... read more
Relaxing with Charlie
The Krameka Family
Charlie Bear!

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town November 4th 2013

First off, we have not been lost in Berlin this whole time. The lack of blogs may be directly correlated to the niceness of the weather here in Sydney, Australia, where we currently are. Also some deals were made regarding who was supposed to write this blog, however, someone dropped the ball. I won't name and shame because I have to continue traveling with her... Cape Town was an amazing two weeks of fun in the sun. You are all probably tired of hearing us say how blessed we are with wonderful, kind and generous friends. But we are so will say so again. We stayed with our friends Claire and Tim and their two little boys Hugo and Andrew. We also got to spend many fantastic days with our friends Sarah (Sarah and Claire are ... read more
Beautiful Camps Bay
Lion's Head (which we later climbed!)
The Montgomery Campbell dogs

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin October 28th 2013

After a train ride from Prague to Berlin, we checked in to a hotel near Freidrichstrasse station in central Berlin. Aside from the wind and rain, the first thing we noticed is that Berlin is a little cold (das is freezin mein weiner schneitzel). We are seriously failing at this whole chasing summer thing. This may be another Edinburgh, where the passage of time is impossible to tell from our photos because we are wearing all the clothing we own in every photo. I won't go on too much about the beer in Berlin, other than to say, the Germans have been doing good beer for a very long time. Enough said. We decided to do a 10 km bike tour of Berlin and had a fantastic day out. It was a great way to see ... read more
More of Museum Island
Start of Bike Tour
Shane's turn!

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague October 25th 2013

Lots of people have said to us "how is it you lived in Europe for 5 years and never made it to Prague?" Our standard response was that we had saved it so we would have somewhere great to go back to when we came to Europe again. We can now tick Prague off the list. Kimmy found us an amazing apartment in central Prague, about 2 minutes' walk from the famous square with the overrated clock. Our apartment was a huge one bedroom and every morning we got served an incredibly large and delicious breakfast that was slightly different all three mornings. Typical menu: omelette, orange juice, coffee, tea, croissant, sweet pastries, fresh fruit, meats and cheeses, buns, yoghurt, and cereal. We were able to easily put together lunch from our breakfast leftovers!!!! The thing ... read more
Shaney relaxing with Moopy
And then with Cappy
Who needs boring gold-plated numbers on their house?

Europe » Malta » Gozo » Xaghra October 9th 2013

Top of our list of places to go during this year was Gozo, and it was great to be back! It turns out a lot can change in 5 years. On Malta, we noticed everything looks new and improved. The airport has change a lot since we were last here. There are now air conditioned express buses that go from the airport to the ferry terminal, just in time for the ferry. What a treat! On Gozo, the pace of change was not quite as noticeable. But there is a hop on hop off bus there now, which means that tourism must be picking up. And rightly so. We rented a car and 'farmhouse' for the week. For those that have not been to Gozo, farmhouses are really just any house. Ours had a full kitchen, ... read more
Arrival in Gozo!
Sunset at our Bella Vista farmhouse
Dreams of Oleander's

Europe » Italy » Campania » Naples October 5th 2013

It seemed like a good idea at the time... So we arrived at Napoli's main train station armed with google map directions to our hotel, that should take a total of 20 mins to walk to. It is absolutely chucking it down with rain and the station is filled with people waiting the rain out. However, we decided that since it was not far we would make for the hotel and hope for the best. In the blinding rain, unable to pull out the ipad, it took us almost twenty mins to get across the piazza in front of the station. Finally found the right road and started off, took us over an hour asking several people, who all agreed we were too close to catch a taxi, even though they didn't know exactly where to ... read more
Room destroyed
Lunch in Napoli at Di Matteo
A Napoli piazza

Europe » Italy » Campania » Amalfi September 30th 2013

Sometimes you bump into people you know in strange places... So in the spring/early summer in Vancouver we bumped into our friends Marc and Heather (from Victoria) along the seawall. That was totally random and exciting as while chatting we found out that they would be in Italy later in the summer. We half jokingly agreed to keep each other posted on our travels in case we could arrange a meet up at some point. The meet up place turned out to be the Amalfi Coast in Italy. We flew into Naples and hopped a bus to the town where Marc and Heather had been staying for about a week, Maiori. We only got an afternoon, evening, and breakfast with them, but we did a heck of job of making it a fun one (drinks, antipasto ... read more
Gorgeous views
Walking to Minori
A real Turducken?

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cambridgeshire » Peterborough September 28th 2013

It has been about five years since we've seen our good friend Leti and her husband Alex. Far too long for our liking!! And this is why I'm loving our trip. Shane and I got up extremely early on Saturday morning to make our way to Oundle, near Peterborough. This old market town of 5000 people is gorgeous, and is home to Oundle School, where both Leti & Alex teach. We are so lucky to have friends in such beautiful places. The school was established in 1556. Leti picked us up at the train station and we finally got to meet Emma, their daughter. What a sweetie! We found Emma at a coffee shop with Leti's friends, who were looking after her that morning as Leti and Alex had to teach. Shane and I had breakfast ... read more
Shots around Oundle
More of Oundle
And still more!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London September 22nd 2013

Sounds like fun, doesn't it?? Well, considering how much stuff we needed to do, it was probably a bit too much fun! We returned to London with the sole purpose of performing adminstrative tasks: hooray! We booked flights and hotels for the following two weeks, spent two days applying for each of our 18-page Australia long-stay visitor visas (super fun that was). Who knew the full day in Vancouver Shane spent scanning paperwork while I worked would come in so handy!? We blogged. We took a break one day and had a wonderful day with Odin and Ewa walking all over London and going to a fabulous tea place for lunch in Vauxhall and to Chinatown for dinner. We went to Mel's first archery competition, which was pretty fun. I met up with my old boss ... read more
Setting up her shot
Looking good!
It was an interesting afternoon and a first for us!

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