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September 17th 2011
Published: September 28th 2011
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Well, I arrived at the pinnacle of the Habsburg Empire. Vienna is definitely more New York big city stuff. The buildings are older, but it was hit during the war, so there was rebuilding also. The base of operations here is the Ring which goes around all the Museums and famous sights.

I pretty much decided that seeing the museums was where I wanted to spend some time here. After all, the kings and queens were here and they had the "stuff". I have to highly recommend the National Museum. The collection of antiquities in there is unmatched to anything I have seen before. All major museums will have classical and Egyption works, but all this stuff was incredible quality, like no missing ears or noses on sculptures. The stuff looked more like a few hundred than thousands of years.

I also paid a visit to the Mueums Quarter which is a collection of museums and you can buy combi tickets. I saw the Kund-something (sorry, don,t have ticket on me to check) and Architecture museums. Kund had Dali and surrealism exhibits which match my twisted mind.

I had dinner at NaschMarkt section which is about a kilometer from Museum Quarter. Nice assortment of restaurants surrounded by a fresh market during the day. Try Tokori for some good suhi at a good price. The manager is a former New Yorker who does a great Sly Stalone. also met some nice woman from Vienna, one of who was of Syrian decent (of which I am half). Funny how you always find something link to others no matter where you are.

Lastly tried to find Sigmond Freud park, but I always seemed to miss it. Under Freudian analysis, this may mean I didn't need to find it. Under my anaysis, I may be too lost to be found 😊. Either way, a little streudal and cafe goes a long way to simplifying life's problems.

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29th September 2011

What happened to the violinist with the streudal and cafe?

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