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March 28th 2006
Published: September 5th 2007
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Vienna legacy of classical musicians.
There are some things made only for tourists. Normally they are not very good, since the spectators cannot evaluate because it's not their area. One of them are the concerts sold in Vienna by guys dressed like Mozart. In our excitement to do all the famous things form each country we ended buying tickets for one of this concerts. Fernando who has the habit of attending concerts was disappointed with the performance.

Besides the concert we spend our time in Vienna waking from one historic building to one concert hall and to another historic building, taking TSP's (Tourist Standard Pictures) everywhere. The city center is gorgeous. In the parks, the street performers are more skilled then the players at the concert we watched.

It was in Austria too, that the idea behind this travelblog started. Our friends in Brazil always asked us to send them some updates and pictures from our trip (easy to ask, hard to do). To make it easy (or feasible) we would write a newsletter and send it by e-mail. It took us a whole afternoon sitting at the hostel to write it. We send it for more than hundred persons. The next day we
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Our first attempt to publish something about our trip.
couldn't wait to see the comments of our friends. That day there was no reply. During the next week Fernando received only one reply with a single word "Cool." It wasn't much different for Claudio. We were so disappointed we have never written a second letter. A few weeks later came again the wish to share our trip with people back home and also other travelers we met on the way. This time we would have a different approach: An open site. Anyone can read and comment, at the same time we wouldn't waste our time with people not interested.

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Japanese stile of traveling.
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We don't know why we took this picture... but she is cute!

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