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January 3rd 2018
Published: January 7th 2018
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Salzburg is a beautiful town with an old centre with a massive cliff which was obviously useful for defence. Our BnB is literally just outside the old town. We visit the Modern Art Museum which was a dud. Nice building set on the cliff (the stairs test your fitness). We meet Jac and Red for lunch at the Sternbrau and Becs buys even more decorations at the Christmas Market. We agree to meet Jac and Red at dinner and head off to the fortress. After climbing up to the Fortress I do start to wish that I had found the funicular. Salzburg (and Hallstat) are famous for salt, hence the name. Salt was mined at places like Hallstat and brought down the river. Taxes were extracted. The fortress at Salzburg was extended over the centuries and defended the town during the 30 year war. Apparently whilst under siege they paraded a cow along the wall, painted it and paraded it again and so on so that the opposing army would think they had plenty of cows.

We meet Jac and Red at a hotel on the lake which featured in the Sound of Music. The film seems to be a major tourist drawcard with bus tours, bike tours, boat rides etc.

Jac and Red leave for Munich and then Dubai. A great mate of mine Alex Beard has got some cheap flights out of London and meets us for breakfast. We have had phenomenal weather during this trip, but today is dismal. After breakfast we decide to check out the Cathedral and then the adjoining museum. The museum seems to incorporate a number of different buildings (including the palace) and is a great choice for a rainy day. Constance checks out the ice skating rink which is under water. After lunch Gus, Alex and I head off to find a bar. We walked around for about an hour before we found something suitable (dingy, smokey and full of locals). After a few beers we meet the girls at a lovely restaurant (Flavours).

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