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January 4th 2018
Published: January 7th 2018
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Today we head to Dubai. Dubai is an interesting place. Basically it’s Chatswood Chase with a bunch of blokes wandering around in dresses. Over the next day we don’t get any further than about 50 metres from our hotel, we are treated to a slap up Arabic meal by the O’Connors, Becs and Constance put the final nail in the finances and even Gus has a go and my wife gives me a cold that nearly kills me. So what may be last the fully funded family holiday has drawn to a close. I am now on the 13thflight (Austrian Airlines getting out of the picture saved two flights). Gus and Constance are on the long route home via Bangkok while I’m in Business finishing the blog.

I will share my strategy for getting decent wine in Qantas business. The trolley will come out and they will offer you a drink. Ask what white wine they have. They will show you Sauvignon Blanc (basically cat urine in a bottle) and Chardonnay (cat’s urine matured in oak). Look disappointed and ask for a Bacardi and Orange (if you want to take the risk you can say don’t worry about it). Reminisce with the hostie about your last trip where the hostie was able to get a bottle from 1st Class. Before you know it you’ll be tucking into your own private bottle of Polish Hill. Of course 1st class doesn’t have Sauvignon Plonk at all!!

That’s it folks!!


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