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May 30th 2006
Published: June 1st 2006
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Eurail trainEurail trainEurail train

Posing and writing postcards on the Eurail train on the way to Salzburg.
Yes, The Sound of Music is everywhere in Salzburg. As a matter of fact, our hostel plays the film every few hours or so for the guests. I'm sure the workers there LOVE that! Haha. For any Sound of Music fans out there, go to Salzburg and take the tour! Because I've never actually seen the movie, I did not choose to pay the 30 Euros ($35?) to take the tour.
Salzburg has breathtaking views of the mountains, which look *similar* to the mountains here in Colorado, only sharper and taller. It's very green here, too. With the cobblestone streets (which are actually all over the place in Europe) and small houses, it's a very cute city, and I haven't discovered any places at all that seem run down and such.
Some people here are very friendly, like the woman who read a menu to me in English (I should have studied German food words! haha). We had more than one encounter, however, with mean adolescents. A group of boys about the age of 14 or 15 walked next to Phuong and were making fun of her for being Chinese (mocking the language and such). They also started
Streets of SalzburgStreets of SalzburgStreets of Salzburg

Walking through the streets of Salzburg.
to pick on a blind guy walking past by jumping in front of him and waving. Later, I had a different group of kids about the same age push me off of the sidewalk and onto the street, and others laughed.
All in all, my impression of Salzburg wasn't completely ruined, but I had so many better experiences in other places like Vienna that I don't think I'd return to Salzburg. If I ever miss it, I suppose I can always finally sit down and watch The Sound of Music. ;-)

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Salzburg PaintingSalzburg Painting
Salzburg Painting

We're getting close to the restaurant we read about in Frommer's.

Phuong's loving the restaurant.

Getting hungry!
Becky in SalzburgBecky in Salzburg
Becky in Salzburg

It's cozy in here!

1st June 2006

Teen Testosterone
Dear Becky, What a shame you had those unfortunate encounters with the youth of Salzburg. It is a delightufl city, especially during the Mozart festival. But young teen-age boys showing off to one another and feeling their hormones surging can be out of control wherever in the world they live! I think you and Phuong are very brave to be tkaing this trip. It will provide memories and experiences for a lifetime. Love, Aunt Ger

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