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Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Salzburg July 25th 2019

Our second day is Salzburg started out with us leaving Salzburg and traveling to Germany to the Berchtesgaden region for a visit to Hitler's Eagle's Nest. It was a beautiful sunny day to journey into the Bavarian Alps and climb to a mountain top. On the way we passed several locations where parts of the Sound of Music were filmed, including the bridge the children danced across singing and the home where the outside scenes. In the photo you can see the wall alongside which Maria sang the song "I Have Confidence In Me." Upon reaching Eagle's Nest we walked through a tunnel to reach the elevator to the top. After a few minutes for our guide to talk about the building we had time to explore the mountain on which Eagle's Nest is perched. A ... read more
Looking toward the Alps
Alpine scene along the road
Another view

Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Salzburg April 28th 2019

Today we left our hotel after breakfast. It was the first day since joining this tour that we didn't have to pack up our suitcases and leave them outside our door to be packed on the bus. This is the first two-night stay at the same hotel. We have about three others during this trip. Our usual agenda each morning is to get ready, pack our suitcases and put them outside our door by 7:00, then head to breakfast and board the bus by 8:00 am. It was a 1 1/2 hour ride to Salzburg. Our first stop was just outside Salzburg at the Schloss Hellbrunn Palace. This palace was built in 1613-1619 by the Prince Archbishop of Salzburg and named for the "clear spring" that supplied it. It is filled with secret water that can ... read more

Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Salzburg June 9th 2018

Another early morning. Our ship is now moored at Brandstatt, near Linz. We are off on a full-day excursion to Salzburg. It's a two-hour ride. Our guide, Eva, is extremely entertaining and makes the time fly by. Both sides of the road are lined by vegetable farms. Crops include corn (fodder for animals, not humans), beets and sugar beets, potatoes, wheat, barley, canola, and, of course, lots of vinyards. I am struck by the large number of solar panels on the roofs of private homes. The terrain becomes increasingly hilly and then mountainous as we press into the interior. At a rest stop along the way, we are tempted by mouth-watering baked goods and treated to a beautiful vista of a lake nestled among mountains. Salzburg derives its name from the fact that salt used to ... read more
Salzburg Palace, where much of the Sound of Music was filmed
Mozart Platz with Wolfgang's statue
Fountain in front of Salzburg Cathedral

Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Salzburg June 8th 2018

Today we had more of a plan for our visit to Salzburg city. This involved first of all stopping off to see the sights in the new part of the city so Bob had worked out how get there on the scooter. Harder than it sounds as the whole of the centre is a very controlled pedestrianised zone but the map on Maps ME which Bob uses on the tablet doesn’t show the roads which are bus and cycle only… and there are a lot of those. First stop was easy enough, to the Mirabell Schloss and more particularly, its gardens. These are really lovely, full of roses and formal planting. Quite a few tour parties as well And a wedding which we assume had taken place in the Schloss itself. Had a nice wander through ... read more
Mirabell Gardens
Mirabell Gardens

Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Salzburg June 7th 2018

And so to Austria. Not a long drive, in fact so short that we arrived at our next campsite, in Salzburg by 10am. A pleasant drive with the mountains to the right and lovely rolling countryside. As we got close to the border Bob switched the Tomtom to allow it to take us on motorways so we could more easily navigate our way from Germany to Austria. And suddenly we had changed country, quite painless, and we were on the outskirts of Salzburg. Our campsite Camping Nord Sam is almost in the city but is green as green can be and exceedingly pleasant. Not ACSI so costs twice as much as normal but city centre sites as convenient as this are rare and this one has a pool to add to its delights. We stayed just ... read more
The gorgeous reception of our campsite Nord-Sam
Familiar sight in Salzburg. No price list displayed so we gave it a miss
Alleyways and delights

Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Salzburg May 5th 2018

Breakfast was great. What else could it be in Germany? What made it remarkable was the view from the breakfast room. Stunning scenery all around us. We were being blessed with another ideal weather day. We've been visiting this, my absolute favorite, place every few years since 1978. Most of our visits have taken place in the winter months for economic and scheduling reasons. The few times we've been to Salzburg in the summer it was only for a few hours. On our winter visits we often drove by signs for Hellbrunn Palace on the city's outskirts. We learned that the palace was famous for its whimsical trick fountains that operated during the warmer months. So before leaving for this trip I contacted the Hellbrunn office and booked reservations for the first English speaking tour of ... read more
Last night we were watched over by a saint
The view from our breakfast room
Taking a closer look at that nasty road outside our room

Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Salzburg December 28th 2017

We arrive safely in Salzburg at midnight after taking flights 8,9 and 10. Unfortunately there is nothing memorable other than a very pleasant dinner at Vienna Airport in Jamies’ (that bloke gets everywhere). The Austrian Airlines flight from Vienna to Salzburg is staffed entirely by elves. As well as being complete bastards it seems they also have the world’s worst cabin crew uniforms consisting of red hats, white blouses with red vests, red skirts, red tights and red shoes. Serves them right. The next day we meet our great friends the O’Connors (Jac and Red) and drive to Hallstat. Despite meticulous planning (and the bastards at Austrian Airlines) Hallstat is a potential weak link in my itinerary. I had selected it after a Google search of cute Austrian towns. The pictures showed plenty of snow so ... read more

Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Salzburg September 5th 2017

Pretty much any view of Salzburg includes the huge 11th century Hohensalzburg Castleand Abbey, towering over the old city on top of cliffs rising up, as it happens, right behind the flat we stayed in for a week. We actually had skylights so we could look straight up at the castle! Many locations in and around Salzburg are recognizable from The Sound of Music. While we stayed here, we downloaded and watched the movie again to remind ourselves of which local sites were actually in the movie. There are tours to just take you to each and every site, which we did NOT do, but we did visit Mirabell Gardens (featured in the song Do-Re-Mi) and Hellbrunn Palace, where the gazebo from the movie is loc... read more
Looking down from top of Unsterberg cable car
Magic Fountains at Hellbrun
View of Hohensalzburg Castle from top of Kapuziner Kloster park

Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Salzburg April 17th 2017

We did a day trip to Salzburg from Altmunster. Visited the Festung Hohensalzburg, one of the largest fortresses in Europe. Enjoyed funicular ride up and down. (It passes the convent where Maria von Trapp was a nun.) We ate a typical Austrian dinner (deep-fried chicken-- there's more than wiener schnitzel here!) in the Barenwirt restaurant that has been around since 1663! It's asparagus season here, so I had the cream of asparagus soup--delicious. R had cream of garlic soup. When I was here in 1966, we walked to the home of the von Trapp family, where "Sound of Music" had been filmed. Now, there are bus tours to it!And of course, Mozart was born and raised here, so this is a centre for musical events... read more

Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Salzburg December 29th 2016

Visiting the city of Salzberg and the epic Hohensalzburg Fortress!... read more

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