Cuba Day 10a.

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February 1st 2019
Published: February 1st 2019
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Day 10 Cuba. 30 January 2019

Vamos- Off we go into another brilliant Caribbean sunny day with zero cloud. Out of town, the way we came in, along the coast heading west to Cienfuegos with all but one of our group riding, which is almost a first from day 1 with people going down like flies with stomach upsets. 12 out of 17 have been affected and the remaining 5 are holding their breath. The wind was on our tail and the sun on our backs again for most of the ride until we reached the Botanical Gardens for another excellent lunch. The lamb was superb with meat just falling off the bone. We had a short tour of the trees before we left to see the 300 species of palm trees held there, plus loads of others. Lismar, our guide, toppled over on the uneven tarmac by the bus and twisted his ankle causing much pain, but no permanent damage, so was back riding soon but not with his usual vigour. The variety of old cars, tractors and trucks still amaze me and the last few days gave us still more with a circa 1950 Ford Popular, Hillman Minx, White Trucks and more. The ponies, or small horses maybe, which are in common use in Cuba are found to be generally taller down in the south and many of the carts have two axles instead of one thus pulling heavier loads. We were passed by some faster Canadian riders on road bikes this morning and kept up with them for a short while on my hybrid. We met up with them at brew time and found they were from Ottowa, one of whom was Polish and complained endlessly about the EU hierarchy and said Britain was doing right. Cienfuegos is a quite modern town, having been rebuilt after the hurricane of 1826, and is built on a grid pattern with smooth tarmac and paved roads surrounded by very smart restored buildings. Lismar took us on a tour around the town with his right leg limping and me with my left leg limping (arthritis?). Someone suggested we join the three legged race. Evening meal at the Cubanero Restaurante with fish all round, 2 courses and coffee for 15CUC and 3 CUC for pina collada. Our casa is very traditional and ok and on the second floor with a balcony overlooking
the fire station. We hope for no fires in the night. Electrical wiring is not very good in Cuba with more than a few dodgy looking wires hanging everywhere. When I got back in my room I could not find the light switch and hovered around with my phone torch only to find after 5 minutes that it was hidden behind the bed headboard. The bed is the worst so far with the springs not well covered and sticking in my bony back and an over stuffed pillow. Ah well, that’s Cuba.

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