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Sunday July 21 – I set my alarm for 5:00, so of course I was awake before 4:00. I had to be up early to catch a bus to the airport, and with that in mind, I was never going to fall back asleep. I got out of bed at 4:15 and started the final pack, did some internetting, ate a bagel with banana for breakfast, the usual. Shelly told me yesterday that the airport bus leaves the station at 6:00 and will be to our bus stop a few minutes later, so I should be out at the bus stop a little before 6:00 to catch it. As soon as I arrived, the bus came. My intention was to arrive at the airport at 7:00, a little more than two hours before my flight, even ... read more
Leaving Barbados
Fort Charlotte

The French founded Kingstown in the year 1722. Back then, it was a mosquito-infested settlement of rudimentary wooden dwellings with a small port to service transport ships. A few years later, the French grew weary of the heat and passed it over to the British. Then the British passed it back to the French, who scratched their heads and wondered what to do with their tropical slice of island. In the end, they decided to do what all the other islands were doing and planted some sugar cane, coffee and tobacco. Today, instead of sugar cane or coffee, bananas are the country’s biggest money-maker, closely followed by tourism. Being one of the latter who enjoyed eating the former, I was looking forward to seeing as much as I could in the one day at my disposal. ... read more

Saint Vincent Chuyen di Trinidad, Guyana, Suriname, French Guyana, Grenada, St Vincent va St Lucia. Toi du dinh di den vung Guyana tu lau vi day la vung dat con lai o South America ma toi chua dat chan den. Khong co chuyen bay di tu My den vung nay co le vi it nguoi di nen toi phai di tu My den Trinidad roi tu day di den Guyana. Di den day rat kho va dac. Trong sach ho chi de di den day phai di tu Brazil roi tu Brazil di den day. Toi tim ra duong di re hon duong di do la di tu Trinidad. Di den day dac ma vung nay cung dac do khong kem. Ve may bay di tu Trinidad den Guyana bang tien may bay bay tu My ... read more

Monday December 15th, 2014. St Vincent, Windward Islands, West Indies We awoke and went and had a posh breakfast in the restaurant. We then collected our gear and disembarked the ship and emerged at the cruise terminal at the capital city, Kingstown, which is on the South West coast of the island. This is the only town of any size on St Vincent which is only 18 miles long and 11 miles wide but very hilly. Like Grenada and St Lucia it has a chain of forested mountains running from north to south. The volcano, La Soufriere is the highest point in the north with Mount St Andrew the highest point in the south dominating the city of Kingstown which nestles in a valley. The warlike Carib Indians were the first inhabitants of St Vincent. Their ... read more
12. Gate - Fort Charlotte
18. D at St Vincent Botanical Gardens
25.  Aviary with St Vincent Parrot

24thMarch – Wallilabou Bay, St Vincent 16nm, but seemed longer due to the conditions, once again bashing into it, wind on the nose. Still managed to sail most of the way though. This bay is amazing. It’s where they filmed most of the Pirates of the Caribbean films. Walking through some of the old sets, and seeing the scenery that we recognise from the film was amazing. The ‘stone arch’ where they pirates where hung at the beginning of the film is right at the end of the bay. We went to it in the zodi and I got out for a photo!! Went for a walk up to the waterfall. Customs arrived at 5pm and then we had to clear out but Immigration was round the next bay. So we got in our Zodi and ... read more
sets from the movies
2014-03-24 16.27.25
view from the bar

26 Janvier 2014, Bonjour à tous, Et bien notre voyage continue mais pas toujours comme nous le voulons! Le 1 er janvier nous étions paisiblement ancrés devant Sandy Island, à Carriacou . Petit îlot de sable blanc entouré d’eau turquoise et de corail. Le temps était ensoleillé mais le vent assez présent. A l’heure du café, après le dîner, un gros catamaran de location vient s’ancrer tout juste en avant de nous, environ une demi-heure plus tard un autre gros catamaran de location s’ancre en avant du premier catamaran. Nous jugeons qu’ils se sont tous les deux placés très près de nous malgré le fait qu’il y avait beaucoup de place dans la baie… enfin. Tout à coup, le ciel devant nous s’assombrit et de gros nuages noirs se pointent et montent derrière la montagne. Un ... read more
Baie de Wallilabou
Coucher de soleil à Bequia
B.A de la journée

We enjoyed our final days in Bequia listening to live music at some of the local restaurants and did our last provisioning for the trip north. We figured we should stock up on what was known vs. the unknown in the stores on other islands (you know bird in the hand). We planned on going directly to St. Lucia, however, we had heard about Cumberland Bay on the island of St. Vincent and decided we had time to stop to see it for ourselves. We were glad we did! We thought we’d only stay overnight and continue on, but it was so nice we stayed an extra night. Cumberland Bay is a very pleasant anchorage tucked among the mountains of St. Vincent. It is a beautiful setting and a nice calm anchorage. One of the tricky ... read more
Sailor on her Perch
The Lemmings are Coming!
Final Bequia Sunset

Canouan is one of the smaller islands of The Grenadines. We knew being halfway between the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator just off the coast of Venezuela would be very warm; but it was so comfortable during our brief stay with an almost constant off-shore breeze. The destination was picked by our host as a hop from Nevis for his birthday; he was especially lured by the golf course which didn't disappoint - challenging and beauful! Lucky us, you say! Lucky us, we repeat! The resort is very sprawley, but each couple got a golf cart to roam from villas to the beach, to the restaurants (open on a revolving basis), pro shop, spa, boutique, etc. The "girls" even hailed a rubber raft with an outboard motor to get us from one beach to another. ... read more
Canouan View
Little Beach Near Guilette
Beach to Beach Transportation

Some of the craft and souvenir shops that you see on the islands are the same that you see anywhere. You have the typical jewelry, the T-shirts with numerous funny and not so funny sayings, handmade dolls and all of the other items you expect in a gift shop in any tourist town. The nice thing is that we have also seen many unique items – either due to the materials used or the skills involved. These are the ones that make you look again as well as buy in order to help to support the local craftsperson. The other difference is that some you find in shops, but the majority are found being sold by vendors along the streets (usually the artist themselves) or brought out to the boat by what they call “boat boys”. ... read more
Callabash Art
Ladybug Seeds
Dried Bamboo Leaves

Jammin’ Day 5 and reggae is playing on the car stereo as we swing around the winding roads up the Windwards coast of St Vincent. We wind our way between the banana trees along a bumpy track and up the hill, passing a lush array of trees including breadfruit, guava, cashew and passion fruit, before arriving at a shining building painted in the green and blue colours of the FAIRTRADE Mark.. This is Montaque, in St Vincent, it’s the brand name of a range of jams, jellies and juices, but for the banana farmers of St Lucia, Dominica and St Vincent it’s also a window to the future - their first venture into food processing, as a way of diversifying away from just the sale of the raw fruit. Two years ago the farmers of the ... read more

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