Carribean Cruise Part II

Published: March 13th 2009
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Day 5 Tyrell Bay Carriaou, Grenada March 9/ 2009

We dingied into shore and caught a bus to Hillsborough to check out of Grenada. We needed to do the immigration and customs just like leaving any country. I found a free wifi area at the local telephone sales office. That is where you got the last blog from. We picked up a few more provisions and headed back to the boat for a noon departure. We motored into the wind for 10 miles to Cliffton on Union Island where the skipper had to check us in at St Vincent immigrations and customs. Joe and Luke did some snorkeling near our anchorage and came back with some neat conch shells. Wayne and Rick took a swim off the boat and lathered down with soap. We are getting short of fresh water, but we don’t want to be stinky sailors. We moved our anchorage to Frigate Island and feasted on canned ham, onions and Grenada potatoes thanks to Rick’s fine cooking.
Day 6 Frigate Island - Tabago Cays , St. Vincent March 10, 2009

We departed Frigate Island at 7:30 AM for Tabago Cays. The wind was still on the nose
Rick RelaxingRick RelaxingRick Relaxing

This is the Life
so it was another 2 hours of motoring. When we reached the Tabago Cays we knew we had arrived in Paradise. Palm covered islands with white sand beaches and turquoise water surrounding them. The first thing we noticed were the sea turtles swimming around the boat. Then Rick’s buddy, Walter the banana bread man, showed up. Unfortunately for us he had just sold his last banana bread. We bought some tee shirts from Walter and ordered banana bread for tomorrow. Luke can hardly wait!

Joe, Luke Rick and Wayne dingied to a white sand beach near our anchorage to go snorkeling. This was Wayne’s first snorkeling experience. After a few mouths full of salt water he finally got the hang to breathing through the snorkel. It was a beautiful experience. Many fish were swimming around the coral. Luke and Joe sighted a shark and returned to tell about it.

There are some huge motor yachts in this anchorage. It looks like there are a few people who have not lost their fortune during this recession. Walter told us that there are fewer boats from the USA than normal, so the recession is being felt here too. There are boats from France, Germany, Sweden and of course Norway in this anchorage. There truly is an international sailing crowd enjoying the warmth of the Caribbean. We talked to a German who said this is their second year in the Caribbean. They had sailed their 40 ft boat across the Atlantic. They Sail the Caribbean for 5 months of the year and then leave their boat in Grenada during the hurricane season and fly back to Germany.

We motor sailed back to Chatham Bay on Union Island. We had ordered a lobster dinner to be served on shore. James, also known as Shark Attack, was our chef. He grilled lobster, fish and potatoes. The menu also included cucumber salad, rice and rum punch for the adults. It was a great meal that all enjoyed. Wayne’s allergy to shell fish didn’t even react. We did find out why James is called the Shark Attack. He attacked our billfolds. The evening cost much more than he had been quoted. But then when you are in paradise we decided we could live with a shark attack.

Day 7 Chatham Bay, St Vincent March 11, 2009

It was up and at em

Rick's buddy at Tabago Cays
early this morning. We had the anchor up, the sails hoisted and on our way by 8:00 AM. We have a 30 mile sail into the wind to Bequai Island. The winds were 15-20 knots from the NE. We had a long beat into the wind and waves. The highlight of the day was meeting a 4 masted square rigged ship. Probably one of the Wind Jammer cruise ships. After an invigorating 8 hour sail we dropped anchor in Bequai Harbor. Now it was another trip to the ATM machine and some stocking up on provisions. The major purchase was the freshest fruit in the Caribbean. Bananas, mangos, papayas, pineapple, tomatoes, peppers and ginger. Our evening ended with dinner at DeBristo. Luke and Wayne shared a ham and pineapple pizza, while the rest of the crew dined on conch and shrimp.

Day 8 Bequai, St Vincent March 12, 2009

It was another early start. But not so early, that we couldn’t purchase fresh banana bread for Luke. We motored out of Bequai Bay at 7:00 AM. We are finally headed down wind, back to the Tabago Cays. We crossed the area that Rick had warned us

Hold on Man
about. “Big Waves”! We scientifically measured the waves at 6-8 ft. “Woopie”! We arrived back in Paradise at Tobago Keys in time for lunch and an afternoon of snorkeling. We all saw sea turtles grazing on sea grass as we snorkeled along the reef. Neat! The other highlights of the day was watching kite sailboarders sailing and 7 ladies crossing the anchorage in one dingy. The Skipper prepared an excellent meal of sautéed chicken and vegetables and curry rice.

Joe turned out to be a poet and here is his Poem for his nephew Luke.

Flipper Flopper slippen sloppen,
Luke those sails are really Rocken!
Pull that line, pull it tight,
Pull and pull with all your might!
Don’t talk back, don’t look glum,
Or we’ll turn you to chum!

Red boat, Blue boat, Green boat,
Pull that line boy,
And don’t give the Captain any flack!

Call me Captain, boy
Call me Captain
Yes sir!!
Or I’ll tan your hide,
And skin your fur!!

Day 9 Tabago Cays, St Vincent March 13, 2009

We have a full day of checking out of St Vincent and checking into Grenada. Wayne and
First Mate WayneFirst Mate WayneFirst Mate Wayne

Watch the GPS so we don't go on the rocks!
Kent went into Hillsborough to check into Grenada and ran into a few problems. We were told that we need the home addresses of each crew member. That means another trip back to the boat. Wayne was also told that he can not wear camouflage shorts. Only the military is authorized to ware camo clothing. There is a $10,000 fine for people waring unauthorized camo. I think I better go change my pants. Will let you know how this turned out.

We only have a couple of days left of our cruise. I will finalize this trip blog when I’m back in the States.

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How's that sail look?

14th March 2009

Living the Good Life
Hi, Sounds as if you are having a great adventure. Camo clothing forbidden, how interesting. We're down to our last 2 1/2 weeks in the AZ sun so it's all downhill from here. Always enjoy your travel writings. I'll have to take a trip on Google EArth and see where you've been. Have a good trip home.

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