Grenada Cruise Part I

Published: March 9th 2009
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St. George's HarborSt. George's HarborSt. George's Harbor

1st Night Anchorage
Grenada Day 1 March 5, 2009

Wayne and Rick arrived at 5:30 AM at Point Saline International Airport on the island country of Grenada. Stepping off the plane into 76 degree temp was a little shock after Wisconsin winter. Air was heavy and it was hard to breath. Got thru customs and immigration without a problem. Took a taxi to True Blue Resort and Marina where Horizon Yacht Charters is located. The sun had just come up and at 6:30 AM. We didn’t know if our sailing buddies would appreciate early morning visitors. I walked down the docks and found a Verensia catamaran. I went back and got Rick and our luggage and went back to the cat. We started loading our gear on board when Skipper Kent stuck his head out of the hatch and greeted us. After meeting the rest of the crew, Joe and Luke, we stowed our gear and Wayne collapsed in his berth and took a nap. We had a good introduction to cruising Grenada and the Grenadines from a charming young Grenadian. She prepared a cruising agenda for us. Kent and Rick got checked out on the boat while Wayne, Joe and Luke went
Cruise ShipCruise ShipCruise Ship

Some sailors have all the comforts of home.
grocery shopping. After running up a $700 shopping bill ($300 USD) and Wayne’s credit card was rejected. He was told that he was suppose to tell Visa he was traveling out of country. They accepted cash and now Wayne was low on cash. Things went along smoothly and before you knew it we were on our way to St. George’s. At anout 4:30 we anchored in 20 feet of water and just relaxed.

Day 2 Carriacou Island, Grenada March 6

It was an early rise so we could get an early start. We were on our way under engine power at 7:00 AM. A large cruise ship was entering harbor as we began our journey north. Our plan was to get to Carriacou Island to check out of Grenada territory. After motoring for an hour and then sailing to wind word for 8 hours with a little motor sailing we reached Tyrell Bay on the South West side of the Island and anchored. During our first day’s sail we even had a chance to practice reefing our sails when we ran into a rain squall with 35 knot winds. After relaxing at anchorage Rick fixed a great meal of hamburgers, rice ,veggies and a salad. A few rum and cokes and many stories later we just lay there on the deck and felt grateful that we where were we were and having a great time. We even were entertained by a steel drum band playing at a bar on the beach. It can’t get much better!

Day 3 Carriacou, Grenada March 7

We woke this morning to find the Skipper under the weather. He stayed on the boat to recuperate while the crew dingied to the Island. We no more than set foot on shore when a taxi/bus showed up to take us to Hillsborough, the closest town. (Now what was the name of the Bay where the boat was and Rick, did you remember to bring the pad lock to lock the dingy?) When we got into town we found an ATM machine and finally got some Caribbean Dollars. We checked out the town and found an open air resturant that faced the bay. We relaxed out of the sun and ordered lunch. The special was chicken rozen.(chicken legs, potatoes, a great sauce rolled into a batter and deep fried. We all thought it was great. We picked up some supplies and caught a bus that we hoped would take us to where ever we left the dingy. We lucked out and were glad to see our dingy waiting for us on the beach. We were also thrilled to meet Sexy Venus who talked us into purchasing lemons from her fruit stand. When we returned to the boat we found the Skipper sleeping and not feeling much better. A large swell was running into the bay so we moved our anchorage to an area that was a little less lumpy. It was pork chops on the grill marinated in sexy lemons. Another great day behind us.

Day 4 Carriacou, Grenada and Sandy Island March 8, 2009

Yea! The Skipper is feeling good this morning. After a quick trip to shore to get ice and some beer we motored out of Tyrell Bay. We traveled about 5 miles and anchored off of Sandy Island. One of those places that end up on picture post cards. Everyone except Wayne dingied to shallow water and went snorkeling. Wayne guarded the boat from pirates and local sales people who are forever trying to sell us wine, beer, lobsters and fish. These folks make a living by selling items to the cruisers from there small boats. During our outing at Sand Island we heard over the radio that a large ferry broke loose from its mooring in Tyrrell Bay and was moving towards other boats at anchorage.. When we returned to Tyrrell Bay in the evening the ferry was re-moored. We didn’t see any damaged boats so maybe everyone was lucky. After another fine dinner aboard we were sitting in the cockpit when we noticed another frightening scene. A tug boat anchored near us had flames coming off the stern. We tried to raise them on the radio at no avail. Finally the harbor master answered the call. He knew there were several workers on the boat and thought they maybe were just having a barbi (barbeque). The fire went out after about 45 minutes. We figured that maybe they were just burning their trash.

Tomorrow we plan to check out of Grenada and into St. Vincent. There is an internet place near the immigration office in Hillsborough. Maybe we can get this log into the blog.

Happy sails from the happy sailors!

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