From Union Island

Published: April 6th 2009
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On april 4 we have a great snorkel in Dragon Bay then headed to Gouyave Bay with Shauna at the helm. Went to the street party where there were many street vendors selling a variety of fish and other traditional meals, The family from the other boat joined us and jesse and chris 12 yrs) got along great.
9:30 the next morning we headed out thru some squalls to sandy island off Carriacou our top speed was 9.9 knots, the average 7.8. At 10:30 Harald spotted whales. He wanted to call out" Killer Whales" but thought it impossible for them to be in the Caribbean Sea. But there were in fact 4-6 orcas!! Got a couple of great shots. They came within 10 feet of the boat. Truely an amazing site here in the caribbean. It was a 5 hour sail to Sandy island, a great spit of sand with very clear water for snorkeling, strong wind for Jesse to fly his kite, and Shauna did some beach combing. We all slept well that night.
We anchored in Hillsborough that night and went provisioning the next morning. Then sailed 2 1/2 hours to Petit St. Vincent for lunch where Jesse and Shauna played cricket with the owners 6 yr. old son Jahim.
We then sailed over to Union and had the familly from one life over for chicken chili and drinks. We have a great time together. Amazing how Dave actually knows Tom from his early days as an enviromental activist.
We are off to the Tobago Cays, snorkeling paradise, for a few days.


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