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Wednesday July 24 - The boat came at 9:30, but it was not the boat I expected, and we did not leave until 10:00. I always rely on someone else to book things, since that’s kind of the usual here, but I never get the details, also the usual. I thought Troy said he booked a water taxi to do the tour, and that a few other people would be there. But the boat that came was actually a taxi boat to take me to nearby Palm Island, which is a gorgeous island owned by the Palm Island Resort. The whole thing is just for this amazing all-inclusive, perhaps the only one I would consider staying at after seeing it (except it is mega expensive, like $600+ per night). The taxi boat was ferrying me and ... read more
Palm Island
Palm Island
Palm Island

Tuesday July 23 – I got out of bed just before 7am, not quite sure what the plan was for today. Brenton said he would drive me to the ferry, but we didn’t make any plans for a specific time, and it’s a workday. I plugged my computer in, as it didn’t shut down correctly last night and was all out of battery. Then I packed everything I could, cleaning up a little. Brenton’s daughter knocked on the door at 7:26, bringing my breakfast, and told me her dad was planning to leave at 7:30. So, the communication and timing is a bit off. I ate a few bites and then continued to pack the last few parts up. Today they brought tuna and toast, which is funny since I’ve been eating comically large amounts of ... read more
My guesthouse

Monday July 23 – When I went to sleep last night it started to rain. When I left this morning, it was raining a little. Maybe the wrong day for a beach day? I woke up 10 minutes before my 5:30 alarm. Brenton’s ad for the airbnb said it included breakfast, which is unusual. I asked him to confirm yesterday and he said that if I want breakfast, they can make it. He never said anything again, only that we’d meet to leave today at 6:45, so I figured he forgot. I ate a yogurt and granola, and then his wife came over to ask me if I wanted some breakfast. I thought she said she’d bring me the stuff to cook, but she brought me a plate with toast, a boiled egg and some fried ... read more
Ferry terminal
Ferry terminal
Bequia Express

Geo: 13.0032, -61.246We made it to our chosen Christmas destination. Now our pace slows down again. ;) ... read more
Very colourful and cute.
Oh, SO cute!
Yup. I like it here.

Geo: 13.0032, -61.246This was my favourite sail EVER. It was STELLAR!!We left Marigot Bay, St. Lucia at 3pm. With the sun setting and an almost full moon rising, we had one of our best, if not THE best, overnight sail to Bequia. Once darkness fell, the Big Dipper was behind us, the Southern Cross in front of us, and pods of dolphins joined us. We slipped through the darkness, past the island of St. Vincent, making our way in to Elizabeth Harbour, Bequia, just after sunrise. After 18 hours it was time for a nap in a new part of the world. Yahoo, we're in the Grenadines! ... read more
Heading south successfully dodging rain clouds
Les Pitons in the distance.
Gros Piton and Petit Piton at sunset

Geo: 12.6438, -61.3911 In every country I visit I try to find a vegan version of their native foods and signature dish. Here, in Grenada and St. Vincent, it is Callaloo soup. I have eaten it several times so far on this journey, and each time it is prepared slightly differently, so it is always a delightful surprise to taste that first spoonful. I love Callaloo soup! Callaloo is a dark green color, the soup made of the leaves of the dasheen plant, which, in my dictionary, is also known as taro. This is a bit confusing, as taro's starchy tubers are the edible part, not the leaves. But these soups are definitely prepared from the large, deep green Callaloo leaves. Less adventurous crew members have asked me what the soup tastes like, and I have ... read more

Geo: 12.6, -61.4333 We are sailing in the Grenadines, off Union Island in the country of St. Vincent. At customs in Hillsborough, Carriacou, Grenada, we checked out because we are sailing to a different country, even though these are all the Windward Islands. I am learning so much about sailing, geography, and interactions among a small group of people living in close quarters for almost a month. What an excellent education! The sailing was good and no one got sick, although three of the crew are quite susceptible. I learned that I was not prone to seasickness when we crossed the angry Drake Passage two years ago; one of the lucky 10% who enjoyed the crossing, having that boat almost to ourselves for each of the two days traveling from Ushuaia to Antarctica and eventually back ... read more

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