Hoodwinked in Wallilabou

Published: April 12th 2009
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Happy Easter to all from Wallilabou Bay, the set from Dead Mans Chest, Pirates of the Carribean. The pirates are still here. Now they are called boat boys. Five of them managed to cause great confusion when we were trying to get the boat moored. Then they layed out their jewerly on the pontoons of the boat and got somewhat pushy about us buying stuff. Jesse bought Shauna a necklace of a young boy and the other men got rather upset.
We sailed here yesterday from Bequia, a 2 hour sail, where we spent 2 great days in Port Elizabeth. There was a lot going on as it was the easter regatta. We had dinner at Tommy Cantina that was delicious. Shauna was suffering from ceasar salad withdrawl. Later we were at the Fragipani for drinks with the many sailors, listening to a live pan band. The next day the Wiedners walked to Friendship Bay on the other side of the island, where we sat in swinging chairs at a bar and enjoyed fruit punchs. The next morning we were up early for a major hike to Sal Bay to visit a turtle sanctuary. OMG were they ever cute! We also did some snorkeling, but I think nothing will compare to the snorkeling in the Tobago Cays, esp. Horseshoe Reef. Stingrays, green turtles, hawks bill turtles, and many many fish large and small. Harald and I snorkelled around Jamesby Island! I actually really snorkelled for the first time, not just floating on the surface. Tomorrow Dave wants to hike up the volcano Souferier. The kids and i are tired from our hike to a small waterfall this morning and will probably pass on the hike, there's always homework to do. See u in St. Lucia Tyler.


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