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Published: April 2nd 2009
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We arrived yesterday morning on time and without incident. At home our cat, Tigger, went into hiding when he realized we were going away. From previous experience we knew he would be hiding under our bed. We managed to peel him off the carpet. Imagen the combined strenght of cat claws and velcro! Althought Shauna is a seasoned taveller, she had a novel experience at YYZ. A random body search, including the security officer running her rubber gloved hands thru Shauna's hair. The sleeping comfort of the airport in Trinidad was 7 on a scale of 10. The seats were pretty comfortable but we were too excited to get much rest. A woman also woke Harald up after he slept for 2 hours saying he's slept enough and now it was her turn, as all the banks of chairs were taken up with other sleeping passengers.
We did our food shopping (provisioning) yesterday and are hoping to head up the north coast to Moliniere Bay to snorkel the underwater sculptures there. What a brilliant idea! An underwater muSEAum that changes as the reef life takes it over.
We wil be sailing in the company of another boat, One Life, for the next few days. They have a week longer trip planned and are sailing up to the British Virgin Islands. There are 2 kids aboard, 10 yr Chris and 9 yr old Katie so Jesse will have some company. The weather is great, sunny, 29 degrees, breezy.


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