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Bonjour à vous tous, Plus que deux jours à l’eau! Et oui les vacances tirent à leur fin. Grand Style doit sortir de l’eau lundi pour son repos de huit mois. Carole et moi avons déjà commencé à le préparer pour ses vacances à lui... Pas de nouvelles de ma sœur qui est malade pour l’instant, mais nous pensons toujours à elle. Bon courage Louise. Notre retour de St-Martin n’a pas été comme nous l’espérions. Après le départ de notre fille Isabelle nous nous préparons pour notre remontée sur les BVI. Fait rare dans nos voyages nous n’aurons pas à combattre le vent mais plutôt à s’en servir. Donc, nous attendons pour une bonne fenêtre de vent (15 à 20 nœuds minimum) et nous avons été servis, un peu trop même... Les prévisions n’ont pas été ... read more
Coucher de soleil pour les amateurs

20 mars, 2012 Bonjour de Saint-Martin, Selon les nouvelles que nous avons du Québec, votre hiver est presque aussi beau qu’ici, enfin presque… Premièrement des nouvelles de ma grande sœur. Son cancer a malheureusement progressé de plus de 12 % et elle doit recommencer des traitements de chimio. Ses os, à cause des métastases, sont très fragilisés et elle doit recevoir un médicament quelques fois par semaine afin de corriger cette situation. Elle est très affaiblie contrairement aux premiers traitements qu’elle avait reçus l’an passé. Comme je vous disais dans le blogue précédent le gros problème semble être ces maudites métastases que la chimio et la radio n’arrivent pas à tuer. Son moral est quand même bon mais des nouvelles encourageantes aideraient beaucoup la situation. Louise, nous pensons à toi tous les jours et ne désespère ... read more
Baie de Marigot

Wednesday – March 7th Welcome to St Martins. But already we are ahead of the story. Last night we were watching Movies under the Stars. After about 30 minutes it turned into Movies under the Raincloud. So we did not watch the horse movie after all. However that marked the beginning of a kind of rough night at sea. Apparently we caught up to those storms again and the strong winds made the seas rough and the ride was kind of bumpy. But we arrived in St Martens at 10:00 AM on schedule. We had gotten up and packed our stuff for today’s excursion, and then went up to the buffet for breakfast. While we were eating they started cancelling shore excursions again, but NOT ours this time. There had been quite a few ... read more
View from Bus
Janet at Orient Beach
View of Beach

“News Release from Philipsburg - The AHEAD Center of Excellence in St Maarten a school for children with learning challenges (autism) and other issues that do not allow them to attend regular public education, received supplies and funds from Dade City Rotary Club which partnered with Rotary International's District 7020 in the Caribbean (Rotary Club of St. Maarten), the East Side 8 (Pasco County, Florida) Rotary Clubs, First United Methodist Church of Zephyrhills and Regent Seven Seas Cruise Lines. School supplies were gathered and shipped to Regent's headquarters for loading aboard the Seven Seas Navigator in January. Dade City Rotarian John Wheeler coordinated the collections and delivered the donated supplies to the school with assistance from Regent and St. Maarten Rotary Club President Rebecca Low, board members Henna Budhrani , Pierre Decelles and Maria Buncamper-Molanus... read more

Central America Caribbean » Saint Martin September 1st 2011

We have been back home for a week or so now. We usually write our travel blog while at our destinations. But since Facebook is our main communication tool with our friends and families and because this trip was very short, we just did not have time to write our travel blog. Nonetheless, we want to document our trip and publish our pictures here in the travel blog so that 5 or 10 years from now, we can look back and remember what we did while on this trip. Here are some of the highlights from our Caribbean trip. Day 1, September 1st, 2011 - Saint Martin: We arrived in St Martin around 2 pm local time. After checking in to our hotel, we went to Sunset Beach Bar at Maho beach and watched the planes ... read more

We started out today with a couple of cold showers….humm, does that mean we got up too late, or maybe there is a plumbing problem at the old three star Flamingo Resort. At least the toilet flushed. After our low budget yogurt and peanut butter bread breakfast, we piled into the musty Hyundai Accent for a road trip around the island. The humidity was oppressive today, but since we are Arizonans, maybe it really was not too bad. How can we possibly judge anyway? First stop was Oyster Pond, it is a nice little French town and harbor north east of Philipsburg. Did I mention the traffic and roads suck in Simpson Bay and Philipsburg? Well if I didn’t, they sure do! Next stop was the butterfly farm, which was actually pretty interesting. Other than the ... read more
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We arrived in St Maarten and had to wait for the bridge opening before entering into Simpson Bay Lagoon. The lagoon was very shallow and was a bit nerve racking once again seeing the depth gauge hit zero more than once. When I was up the mast doing a rig check I took some photos of a boat that was less lucky. We got our engine mounts changed in St Maarten to make them fresh and new and it has got rid of the vibration, and probably more comforting, the noise that came with it. St Maarten is incredibly touristy and with it very little charm. There are great chanlderies here and it's a good place to get work done on the boat. It is a favourite for cruise ships and its capital has dozens of ... read more
Yacht having a bad time
Antiki bow

Exploring the Island of St Martin over the months of January- March 2011 Is amazing. I love this island, from the luscious green rolling mountains on the horizon to the white sandy beaches always accomponied by a rustic, grass hutted bar with the famous rum punches flowing freely amongst the sun kissed locals. The planes flying low over head as you sip your punch at the sunset beach bar and standing in the jet stream of a 747 about to take off was a highlight. After work we would go to the beach across the road and the boys would play touch rugby while us girls watched them all hot and sweaty in the last reflection of light that the caribbean gives off at sunset.. Beautiful island rugid and natural. Taking a secret abandoned path to ... read more
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After the Dolomites, we took a 12 hour journey (1 bus & 4 train rides) to Monte Carlo. We went to visit our friends Erika (high school friend of Sabrina's) & Stephan who live in the tiny principality. Monaco is a rather surreal place. The tiny country on the Mediterranean (second smallest in size next to the Vatican) covers only 2 square kilometers and has a very wealthy population as a tax haven. Monaco is really lovely, although we weren't very lucky with the weather and had rain during two of the three days we visited. The wet weather didn't bother us at all since the main purpose of our stop here was to visit with our friends, and we really had a fantastic time together. Upon our arrival in the evening, Erika and her little ... read more
Erika, Sabrina & Fuji
Monaco's Jail
Sabrina's Office

St Martin Beach Resort During a 3 day stay on the St Martin island we stayed at a nice resort called Grand Case Beach Club. It’s one of those resorts thats fenced off, so people can’t just walk into the resort. It was really nice with first class accommodations all around. We did have a hard time finding a place to eat. Some of the restaurants there would make us vegan dishes, while at other times we would have to hit the fresh market and pick up some stuff. Our room was equipped with a full kitchen so we were able to whip up our own vegan meals. ... read more

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