Puerto Rico....golfing break....

Published: August 16th 2007
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I spent the last three days going around Puerto Rico. Small advise, rent a car...for two reasons...
first it's obviously easier to go around, second, the radio waves are great. Love all the
quality latino music....I really had a great time going around.

My aim was to play golf with great weather....this is exactly what happened. Play five rounds in
3 days, at El Conquistador, Rio Mare and Dorado Beach. They are all designed by great names such as
Hills, Norman, Fazio and Trent Jones. And indeed, these were pretty amazing golf courses at a
very reasonable price...specially for 36 holes a day. And I even played rather well...great fun!

The courses are also either close to the beach or the rain forest, so a lot of nice birds like pelicans,
and all sorts of iguanas, turtles, etc....a great safari...

Puerto Rico is quite a weird place. You go through US immigration, but this is not the 51st State.
It's a territory with an association with USA. So it's a big mix of Carribean, South America...and
Miami. You can see that the deal bring a lot of money to the country, but there are still huge
pockets of poverty.

The sad story, is that the american fast food chains have won the battles, they are everywhere.

So stay three nights, and the last one in Old San Juan. Was nice to meet Dean for a drink. One of
my travbuddy contact...and yes we find out it's a small world.

Old san Juan is clearly a cute place, with few nice bars and restaurants, great for a night out.

It's time for me to go back home. First pick up Leslie in Saigon. I miss him tremendously after
these two weeks on my own.

I'm lucky as usual for the weather, a tropical storm will hit Puerto Rico before the end of
the week. The not so fun thing...20 hours seating on planes to go to Saigon! With however a nice stop
in San Francisco and diner at Asia de Cuba.

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27th March 2019

Thank you for the inspiration
Pierre, I can't believe it's been 11+ years since we had that drink in Puerto-Rico. Your travel stories, lifestyle and personality inspired me to explore our beautiful planet. 6 continents & 93 countries later - thank you my friend. Would love if you can email me, and maybe one day I will get to buy you a drink on another exotic island. I still owe you a drink. Thank you for the drink, and the inspiration. TravBuddy 2017 Dean Kuchel Where is Dean (on IG)

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