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Central America Caribbean » Panama » Veraguas » Coiba Island November 29th 2012

Every great diving trip…starts actually around a dive…somewhere else! Back in April, with my friends in Koh Lipe, we had this talk about where to dive in Latin America. Then, Sergi came with this…there is this place on the Pacific in Panama….I don’t remember the name, but it’s a Santa something…and they seems to have a lot of the big ones. Went on google once back home to find out that it was Santa Catalina, and the Island of Coiba…and yes, it looks fun….thanks Sergi, it was actually pretty amazing! Santa Catalina was first known for the surf….than diving started here in 2003. This place looks like Asia must have been in the 60’s….way before I was born, when things were more…simple… Most people have actually never heard about this place….specially in the diving world…and to ... read more
Not bad!
Barracudas and jacks!
nice little lazy white tip shark...

It was my last week-end, We took our tent and drove to the beach. There had a beer each, played with the wave, and watched a soccer game. At night walked to center eat beans from a blender Rice, salad and fish It was super delish! In the morning woke up and rapidly packed. Hot Springs were the plan, so here we come! The place was unfound It took us an hour We finally reached, bathed till were like a peach. When I got back, Greg created a party for me on the deck. It was my last week-end and Panamanian farewell. *** Just got to Costa Rica and getting my visa for Colombia.... read more
yeah, and that was true
That's how it's sold
River we had to cross

Up early with the birds. As always. Someone told us about a bakery down the road, that's attached to the library, that is amazing so we are heading there to find some treats for in between our dives today. We gave away the rest of our PB yesterday thinking we wouldn't need it today, oh well, & it's impossible to find PB out here supposedly. The bakery is owned by a Spanish woman who, like most Spanish women, chatted away to us while we were checking out her baked goods. I love how chatty the Spanish are. We bought a couple slices of Tortilla Espanola & a loaf of baguette & headed back to our hostel. We made some egg sandwiches on baguette for breakfast & switched rooms before heading out to the dive shop. We'll ... read more
We just wanted to say hi.
Can you find the frogfish?

Apparently I was tired (or perhaps it was the Benadryl?). I slept for about 10 hours. Wow. Of course it poured rain last night, but is perfectly clear & sunny & hot this morning. So far the early onset of rainy season isn't bothering me at all. It's working with my schedule. Thanks! In the morning the bugs are quiet but the birds are on point. There are so many birds up singing & squawking & making all kinds of funny noises. I love the jungle (with the exception of the bugs that bite). I got out of bed & looked out the window only to see two monkeys jumping around in the tree next to our room. Awesome!! We could hear the Howler's off in the trees somewhere & the Green Parrots were going nuts ... read more
Look at all the fish just below the dock!
A close up of some of the fish.
A view of the beach shortly after sunrise.

This morning we made egg sandwiches for breakfast. I'm becoming accustomed to American cheese, which I normally really dislike, but when that is all you have to choose from you can't be too picky. We also made some hard boiled eggs to take with us & a bunch of random snacks, like PB & banana sandwiches, chips & cookies, to tide us over during the day between dives. It is clear blue skies this morning. Yippee! After getting our dive gear at the shop we headed out to the boat on the beach. The boats were all kind of stuck in this little lagoon that is easier to access during high tide when the waterway is full, it's now low tide & not quite so easy. But exciting! We got on the boat & headed out ... read more
The walkway to our room on Isla Coiba.
Our room on Isla Coiba.
The view from our room on Isla Coiba.

Up before 5a.m. to get ready to catch our bus. We headed to the bus terminal with 2 girls from London who are also going to Santa Catalina. Our cab dropped us off next to the bus heading to Santiago. 3 hours on this bus. The chairs reclined all the way back almost flat. It was great. We actually cuddled on the bus & slept well except for the fact that the A/C was on full blast & it was freezing. We are not accustomed to A/C & it was great for a few but then we were practically shivering, that's why we had to cuddle. In Santiago we took a cab to the other bus terminal. Always more than one for some reason. Organization is not a quality that is held in high regard in ... read more
The huge beachfront town of Santa Catalina
Our patio at Casa Rolo

2/28/11 (Barb) Just when you think life is calm and serene the crap hits the fan. This morning Skip and I were sitting and drinking coffee while munching on fresh pineapple and papaya and Skip was reading and I was chatting with my friend Mary B. on facebook. All was peaceful. Then just as I finished chatting Skip says to me (and folks I'm not using quotation marks cuz it's just too much work for this) Skip says..Barb is this yours and he shows me a little black bundle that I did not recognize. I said no. So I”m reading my email and he says Are you trying to drive me crazy by playing a joke on me? And I say what are u talking about. And he says My 2 wallets (he uses for ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Veraguas » Coiba Island November 29th 2008

Coiba island was used by the goverment as a Prision since 1919 , for serious criminals. It takes aprox. 3 hours in a boat to get there from santiago which is like 4 hrs away from Panama city and considering this distances this guys wont like swimming that much. Also because of this the forest has remained pretty much untouched. Now days there is just a few of them probably one by now of this criminals who is still on the island and with the police they sell handcrafts for their income and talking to them u can find out they will prefer to stay there because they live in a relax way and far from the problems of the society. To visit Coiba you need autorization from the National Enviroment Authority, and they have some ... read more

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