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Central America Caribbean » Panama » Los Santos » Pedasí February 6th 2014

Yesterday, we took our lives in our hands and drove from Panama City to Pedasi, a fishing village of about 2000 people on the south (Pacific) coast. We were able to rent from National at the domestic airport near the canal, so didn't have to drive through the city -- a good point for anyone doing this. We also drove across the Centennial Bridge, not the Bridge of the Americas -- much less traffic. Although Panamanian drivers can be aggressive, they are generally good-natured and better drivers than the amateur NASCAR drivers we encounter in East Tennessee. Driving anywhere in Panama displays the enormous economic boom taking place -- building everywhere! As we moved along the coast, we saw billboard after billboard inviting us to buy land, homes or condos in fancy developments. If all these ... read more
Tom's Amberjack
Two on One Hook
Casita Margarita

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Los Santos February 27th 2013

Wednesday - 2/28 Good news, we didn't get lost today! Of course we only went to to the beach, but we made it there without asking directions! We traveled on Tuesday from San Carlos to Pedasi, and it was slow going due to road construction between Chitre' and Los Tablas. Panama is building a new highway, which is about 90% completed, and to keep traffice at a safe pace, they have set the speed limit at 40 km or 25 mph. That added an hour to our previously planned 3 hour trip. Arriving in Pedasi we found a quiet little fishing village about a mile off the Pacific coast. It is clean, quiet, quaint and a melting pot of nationalaties. When we arrived at the B&B where we had reservations it was locked up tight, so ... read more
Feeding the Emu bananas
Macaw Parrot
It was "nap time"

Hi. It´s day 1 of the World Junior Surf Champs in Playa Venao, Panama. Today they started with the boys under 16 / 18´s. Melodie´s heat will be tomorrow. Me I am sitting in the departure lounge of San Jose Airport, Costa Rica as I couldn´t get into Panama with my passport which expires next month. They require a 6 month passport so I was turned back at the border between Costa Rica and Panama which was more like El Paso. Anyway more details later on the adventures of travelling. Just wanted to share this foto with you also don´t forget that you can watch the events live on un saludo, Caroline... read more

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Los Santos October 16th 2010

Hola, Greetings from Panama. We left Pedasi on Wednesday and travelled to El Valle. El Valle mean "the Valley" and it is beautifully lush. It rains all the time, so everything grows like wild there. The gardens of the cottage where we staryed the night were amazing. On Thursday we left El Valle Thursday mid-day and travelled only about 50 miles to the beach of Santa Clara. We found a great little place right on the beach for only $121 for all four of us. It had some beautiful grounds and a wide stretch of beach all to ourselves. We are back in Panama City now at our little hotel on Ancon Hill. It's in the former US occupation zone bordering the canal. Tomorrow we will take a tour of the canal and we're all looking ... read more
B&B Park Eden
El Valle
Playa Santa Clara

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Los Santos October 12th 2010

Hola, Greetings from Pedasi, Panama. We are in the southern-most part of Panama on the eastern coast of the Azuero Penincula. We drove 6 hours yesterday stopping along the way to check out some beach communities. We are going to try to decide which ones we would like to investigate further on the way back to Panama city. Last night we stayed at a neat little place called Dim's Hostel. But I think they should drop the Hostel name and go with hotel, cause it was much nicer than I had pictured from the word hostel. The highlight of the property is a huge tree in the back yard with a tiled roof palapa. We spent the evening just talking and swinging in the hammocks. Today we are going to check out some of the beach ... read more
The gathering Tree
Dim's Hostel
main st. Pedasi

Went to Pedasi. It was a very cute little town. It has old spanish architecture and a few adobe houses. It is very quiet there. The only tourists go for surfing. We went because Nico has a frined in the Peace Corps there. In peace corps training newbies go visit volunteers at their site for a few days. So I also met 2 people who just joined. If they will make it, I could totally make it. One told a story about this amazing pumpkin soup she had, then when it got to the bottom she saw a bunch of ants. I asked if she kept eating, and she kind of gave me a weird look, the experienced volunteer told her she would get used to it. Today the 5 of us went to Isla Iguana... ... read more

The RV ran fine to the oil change place, so we decided it was time to pack up and go. We said our goodbyes, loaded up and we were off. She ran alright for awhile but when we reached los santos, started complaining as before. The difference now was that we weren’t even on a hill, and it was much more frequent stuttering. We stalled on a flat road outside the Mcdonalds in Chiquiri. Well, we needed a mechanic. There was supposedly a brand new shop on the bypass route, not far from where we were, so we went to find it, and proceeded to explain the problem to one of the guys that worked there. This place had all sorts of fancy machines, and so we thought great maybe they can help us. As it ... read more
uverito beach

(Joce) After re-working our original plans a bit, we decided to spend a bit more time in the central American countries surfing, and then quickly return via the much shorter east coast of Mexico (as opposed to the lengthy west coast which took us 3 weeks). This, we decided, left time for a couple of days surfing around here. We took the RV down to playa Venao and had a really nice surf. There must have been a cold current coming up, because the water was slightly cool, which is rather refreshing around these parts. Allyne and I got henna tattoos at the restaurant, from a tattoo artist named Omar. He was trying to convince us that we needed real tattoos, and if we paid in advance, he could go to panama city to get some ... read more
some panama beers at the beach bar

(Allyne) Sorry to all, we have been relaxing for the past week in a lovely beach house on Uvirita beach.... our destination in Panama. I was reminded for the 10th time to do the blog.... so here are the details. We crossed the boarder into Panama, with little confusion. All by ourselfs again, no boarder jockeys! exiting CR wasent a problem, but I had to insist that the agriculture guy to give us an exit stamp for troopers papers, he said i did not need it, but i thought it would be better for our return trip. When we pull up to the Panama boarder (with Trooper in the co pilot seat) I had many people asking if we had a licence for him. ... Turns out you need a licence to bring a dog into ... read more
waiting for dinner
the finca

My last night in Ecuador I had dinner (pizza) with Sophie and then Brittney, Sophie and I watched a movie before going home, saying goodbye and thank you to my family, and packing. Completely lost it when I was packing, but it had to happen at some point I guess... Saturday morning I went to the market one last time, then the sandwich shop, then home to get my stuff and to taxi Lagos where I was supposed to get a shuttle to the Quito airport at 11:30. It's supposed to take 2 hours to get to the airport. My flight was at 4 so I needed to be there by 2. 12:45 we finally left Otavalo. Awesome. But somehow we still managed to get to the airport by a little after 2! Probably the fastest ... read more

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