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Simon went on an Introductory Diving course today and me Birger and Hannah went to the Batcave! This was a real adventure - I felt like Indiana Jones trekking throught the jungle. We had to take a boat ride and trek for about 30 minutes through the jungle to get to the cave. It's on Bastimientos Island and Oscar, the guide, is great! We saw a mother Sloth with a little baby sloth hanging in a tree. On the way out we saw a Cayman (alligator!) The cave is full of bats (hence the name) but they didn't get too close to us - they fly past your face and you can feel the breeze from their wings. The cave has a river running through it and we had to climb over large boulders so I ... read more

Took one of the day trips with Transparente Tours to Dolphin Bay, Crawl Cay, RedFrog Beach and Hospital Point. First stop is Dolphin Bay where you are almost guaranteed to see Dolphins. They were in playful mood so we saw loads of them. They love to surf the waves behind the boats and two of them obliged us with a spectacular jump out of the water. On to Crawl Cay for snorkeling. We had to get over the side of the boat and there was a strong current so it was hard work to stay near enough to the boat. But the water wasn't too deep and we saw some lovely Coral and colourful fish. Then we had lunch in a restaurant built over the water. There were hammocks on the deck to relax in before ... read more
Red Frog Beach

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Bocas Del Toro February 26th 2005

Greetings everyone! Not yesterday, but the day before I traveled with Vince and Maja to Panama! We headed out from Rockin J's (our hostels name) at 10:30 or so only to miss the bus to Sixaola by 10 minutes. So we smoozed at the beach for a few hours and jumped on the bus to the border. It was a easy cross, not too much time, only 5 bucks for Americans (I think we are the only Nationality that has to pay to cross into Panama... probally left over Canal business...). We got talked into taking a collective taxi to the next town to catch the last boat to Bocas Del Toro, because in reality we could have takken the bus... We sat at the dock for over an hour! Either way we made it to ... read more
The Pluck

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Bocas Del Toro December 10th 2004

Im just doing this for myself, oh and you too I guess, so I have all my trips on here. So bear with me and the next 3 blogs I do from 2004/2005. I spent a little over a month in Bocas del Toro taking spanish lessons and scuba diving. I hit up a few other places also including the San Blas Islands on the Caribbean coast which still to this day was the most sureal place I have been. Also Boquette which is in the mountains and also pretty special. My camera was stolen on Isla Basimentos and I lost a lot of pics so some of these pics were not taken by me. ... read more
Panama City
San Blas
Bocas del Toro

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