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We left the Azuero peninsula (the Pacific coast) and drove inland to the mountains, to Santa Fe, not New Mexico, for three nights. The weather there was cooler and breezy, though it's still Panama. We were located near the top of the mountains that run like a ridge from the top of North America to the bottom of South America and could see the clouds stacked up on the Atlantic/Caribbean side. We had little misty rain showers and bits of fog that broke up the heat and made the warm days much more pleasant. We stayed at a small B&B called the Coffee Mountain Inn. Santa Fe itself is much smaller than Pedasi -- Tom was looking for a gas station, just in case we might need gas before driving back, and the B&B owner told ... read more
A "Light" Breakfast
Alto de Piedra Road
Tom's Pit Photo

The sloth was languid in the tree, curled up on a fork in the branch structure, preventing its fall with one long, vertically outstretched arm wrapping its three fingers around an overhead tree-limb. This was not what I had expected when heading to the idyllic island archipelago of Bocas del Toro, Panama. The islands are located in the Caribbean Sea, a half hour boat ride from the mainland town of Almirante and only about 30kms from the border with Costa Rica. We travelled there on an overnight bus from Panama City, having seen the ships pass through the famous canal and wandered around the old town, which is somewhat reminiscent of Havana in Cuba. Bocas del Toro consists of numerous islands; however the real gems are the uninhabited keys, known as Cayos Zapatillos. These ... read more
Cayos Zapatillas
A typical view.
Our transport for exploring the islands.

Who would have thought that a 10 minute boat ride would bring you to such a different place, but Isla Bastementos is very unique. The thumping sounds of reggaeton at night heard back on Isla Colon, are replaced here with roaring howler monkeys, deafening frogs and thousands of birds. Everyone is super laid back, dozing in hammocks while listening to Bob Marley and speaking Gali Gali, a Creole language that combines Afro-Antillean English, Spanish and Ngöbe-Buglé. Crazy characters are abound, and when combined with the natural beauty of the place, it really does feel like a totally different world to the one we have been travelling through. Shane said the place has a touch of Looney Tunes about it, and it is a perfect analogy. We stayed in Isla Colon until the Sunday in order to ... read more
Red Frog
Beach south of Red Frog
Boat back from Red Frog

From Cuba we flew into Panama City late on a Sunday afternoon, and a good part of the day was spent in long queues. After getting grilled by an immigration official on our arrival in Havana, we ensured that we got to the airport the specified 3 hours prior to the flight out of there, in case we had a repeat episode. We were greeted with the most disorganised check in process I have experienced. The airline told us that we needed to be there 3 h. ours early, yet they did not have anyone manning the desks for the first hour. By the time that they started checking people in, the queue was over a hundred metres and nearly out the door. We had about 50 people in front us, which took 40 minutes to ... read more
Boat ride out to Starfish Beach
Starfish beach
Snorkelling in Coral Cay

Here is the link for the Galapagos video. To view you can copy and paste the address into your browser or click on the link below. Galapagos June 2013 from Charles Green on Vimeo. LINK: read more

After a couple of days break in the jungle it was time to head back to the Caribbean Ocean and make our way to Bocas del Toro up along the Panamá/Costa Rica border. Oskar, Matt and I headed off early-ish and caught a local bus to the port town alongside the islands and then a boat to Coloń Island the main island of Bocas del Toro. Upon checking in the boys and I managed to gain the luxury of not only having an 8 bed air-conditioned dorm to ourselves almost the whole time we stayed there (2 nights quickly turned into 6), but also our own kitchen/dining area that was kind of an annex to the main hostel that we quickly took over and hosted our own shindigs in (power in numbers). One of the nights ... read more
Got crabs?
Giant starfish
Hike to Starfish Beach

Ok I am finally writing a blog! Yes I know the last 4 have been angelic bens! But I'm baaaack! And touch screen typing on my iPhone while on a 7 hour bus to Panama City! So it really is guaranteed quality. I'm mainly doing it cos after 3.5hours of homeland episodes and a dead laptop I am extremely bored and hot and annoying Ben. So I think in a way I have put myself in time out for the sake of our relationship! Hence a blog of some sort is coming your way!Ok so I am told I am in charge of describing our day at red frog beach in Bocas del toro! It was suuuuch a long time ... read more

We said farewell to San Jose, thankfully for the last time and jumped onto our public bus that would take us to Panama border. Apparently there are only 2 land borders into Panama on the west side from Costa Rica and luckily we were taking the path less traveled. We had managed to download the latest episode of Game of Thrones this morning that aired in the US only last night. As I said yesterday, amazing wifi! It was done between 5am and 5.15am when we had to leave!! So we caught up on the latest from Westeros and that took us up to the first stop. We had 10mins to stretch our legs and use the bathroom. There was a random little fresh juice shop and we thought that would be the best option for ... read more

We are planning a trip to Central America in Sept. 2013. Trying to get some advice on locations. Not 4 or even 3 star accomodations but must have in-room toilet and hot shower. We are middle aged couple looking for beach/jungle access and natural wildlife areas (local animals). Hoping for simple/easy arrival access from US. direct flight locations or w/ minimal travel from airport.... read more

Moments From the Sky Intipunku, the sun gate. The fourth and final day. Up at 4:30 to hike in the dark to this particular spot. Where gods once watched Machu Picchu awaken. Our group of travelers, once strangers, turned friends from days on the trail, stops suddenly. We have arrived. Backpacks slip from shoulders, spots are staked, a quiet falls on the otherwise boisterous crowd. I lean against my pack, ready. The first flicker of light, then the next. The city I’ve waited a lifetime to see appears before me as the sun climbs into the sky. This is why you hike four days. Vale la pena. ... read more

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