Cassius Clay

Published: February 20th 2014
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Cassius ClayCassius ClayCassius Clay

Tom had his leash, I had his stick.
How could I have forgotten! I referred to Ron's assistant by name, but forgot to include his picture. He is a very effective security system, as well as a post-exercise sweat-wiper. One of his favorite toys is a dry coconut, which he will work until he has the dry husk well shredded -- and then throw into the pool. He does not swim -- you are supposed to retrieve it for him.

One of the interesting things about operating an inn off the grid is the impact of ordinary events. The refrigerator in our cabin died after being defrosted before our arrival. No problem, right? Um, the new one must come over the mountain from the other side of the country. And, by the way, while we figured out what was wrong, the compressor was running almost continuously for two days, draining the solar batteries so that they died at about 4:00 am two mornings. Ron has two big diesel generators, so he got up at 4:00 and started #1 generator two mornings so we could have lights, water, breakfast, etc. until the solar system could get going. We also have a giant cooler on our porch with ice blocks,
The Blue LagoonThe Blue LagoonThe Blue Lagoon

Tom's saying," Another day in paradise."
which works fine for our small stash of beer, wine and fruit. AND -- of course, the generator's voltage regulator has died, along with the backup generator. The repair people will drive from Panama City Friday to fix them, but meanwhile the six people who are staying here are being very careful with power use, especially at night.

So much for the joys of running the place; being a guest here is heavenly. Bocas town is loud and full of tourists and burnt-out surfers, but the only way you can get out here is a long and bumpy bike ride, a $20 taxi ride, a $60 quad rental or a LONG walk. The ocean is 100 yards from our cabina, but only 200 feet from the main house's porch and pool, where breakfast is served. We have two excellent restaurants close by; one is listed as #1 in Trip Advisor for the whole area. Few people come to the beach in front of the hotel to swim because the shore break is sharp, waves are huge and riptides fierce. Casual swimmers go elsewhere.

Today, we will hop back on the quad and go looking for white-faced monkeys in
Our CabinaOur CabinaOur Cabina

We saw birds from the porch and heard howler monkeys in the mornings.
the jungle.

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You MUST be CleanedYou MUST be Cleaned
You MUST be Cleaned

Cassius washed the sweat off Tom whether he wanted it or nor. At 85 pounds! he was difficult to refuse.
No SwimmingNo Swimming
No Swimming

The beach in front of the Bluff Beach Retreat did not encourage swimming.

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