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September 26th 2013
Published: September 26th 2013
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Question: What is the dominant religion in Jamaica, and how does this faith differ from other world regions? What beliefs or ideas make this religion unique?

Theme: cultures develop over time by interacting with other cultures


The article that I read was about how the society, the language, their religions and their business and how they handle it. In the article they explain how the family are together and how they support each other and how they each trust each other with other jamaicans. They also explain how they have many languages and the combinations they use in Jamaica. The other thing they talk about is business, which they say building relationships and communication when they are talking about business. They also negotiate about business stuff.

Jamaican's dominant religion is either protestant or christians because it has the higher percentage out of all the other religions. some other religions that they have is roman catholic which their percentage is 4% and the other is including some spirituals cults which is 34.7%. The different between this religion and other world wide religions is that they either believe in different god. For example, in brazil, their government is believing in a god. So, they are different because they believe in different religions or gods. It could depend on the diversity of their culture. Some beliefs that make jamaican's religion unique is by celebrating christmas and easter. They also go to church on sundays, choir rehearsal,and bible study. So that is why their religion is unique in a way


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