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October 9th 2013
Published: October 10th 2013
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What role do women play in this society? Do they have equality? If not, what discrimination do women in this country face?

The article was about how the government was making progress in the economic and the social development. For example by improving growth or productivity, the progress of education, and equality between the income distribution. It also talked about how the women were playing a role in Jamaica. The article was about describing how families lived their life in Jamaica. There was also policy makers that will help improve the responsibility of helping their communities. They will also increase the effectiveness of most of their policies for employment and income generations and to achieve self-esteem development.

Women played a role in jamaica's society by participating in all different type of levels in national development. Women would need show their skills in services, farming and public sector. They would also have responsibilities to earn income in order to be able to support their own family. They do have equality in jamaica because they were not only heads of household but they were also in the nationals development. They were able to work not like in other countries that women only had to stay home.


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