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September 11th 2013
Published: September 13th 2013
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Questions: "What is the current political structure/government in this country/region? Who has power, and how do those in power interact with their people?"

Theme:Political structure


<cite>On August 6, 1962, Jamaica was an independent nation. Jamaican People is able to choose who they want to govern for their country. In Jamaica, they do ceremonial to be able to represent the queen and also the presentation of their military parades. Jamaica they have a senate that has up to 21 senators and they have different roles as senates. They have the two branches of government. one is legislature, that one focuses on the senators, house of representatives, and the parliament. second one focuses on the executive and that one focuses on prime minister and cabinet. The house of representatives is when someone is in charge of the members that are at that house and it's nominated 13 out of 21. </cite>

Jamaica has a a government that is related to monarchy. Monarchy is basically when a queen is in charge of a country and she decides to pick a governor- general to be the helper.the structure are organize in 10 chapters in the constitution of Jamaica. The ten chapter are organize as citizenship,the governor-general,fundamental rights and freedoms,parliament,executive powers,the judicative finance,and the public service.the one that has the power of Jamaica is the government of monarchy. One way that people interact is by people being able to vote for their own government.


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