To fly like a jungle bird

Published: July 24th 2010
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Geared upGeared upGeared up

It was neither stylish nor comfortable, but worked!
Today was quite possibly the most fun day I've ever had. I've had a lot of fun days, seen a lot of cool things, and done a lot of cool thins, but today...well if it doesn't top them it ties them for first.

The day started at 9 am when we were picked up by a small van. He took us through Montego Bay to two other resorts to pick up other people. Among them were two newly weds (as of yesterday!) John and Samantha. They had gotten married at their resort and were using it as a dual wedding/honeymoon. They were very nice people and close to our age (26~). We chatted with them for the hour ride up a mountain and through the jungle.

Once we got to the “base camp” we headed to the river that was there, called “The Great River”. We loaded up into inner tubes and floated this river for a good couple of hours. We were tied next to John and Sam, so we continued talking and having a good time. On the way we made a stop and hiked into the jungle to find a waterfall, which we swam around under
Geared upGeared upGeared up

Me in gear
and what not. It was amazing!

Once we were back at the base camp (we took a very rough/rocky ride in a Toyota van to the top again) we geared up for the coolest experience - Zip Lining! There were a series of 6 ziplines through the jungle and over the river, with the climax being a 1065 foot zip line that was 200 feet in the air, over the river/jungle below. WHAT A RUSH! It was amazing, and felt like flying. At one point we zipped onto a tree platform (pretty high up), and then we did a “free fall” to the base of the tree before moving to the next platform. This was pretty amazing too, and a bonus we didn't expect. I've included a few snaps of me and Kenji in action. John and Sam had more, and we gave them our emails.

Well, I'm absolutely tuckered out, and so is Kenji. Tonight we are having a “fancy” dinner at a Jamaican restaurant on the property. We had the Italian one the other night (though I got a filet mignon, which was amazing) and after this one there's an international we are going to try

Me in the van up to the next line

Anyway, that's all for now. Enjoy the pictures!!

Additional photos below
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Kenji in the van (rough ride)

This was TINY platform we landed on
Ken landingKen landing
Ken landing

landing after a quick zip
Me! Zipping throughMe! Zipping through
Me! Zipping through

A shot kenji took
Someone zippingSomeone zipping
Someone zipping

Here's a good shot of the "final" zipline. Not sure who that is zipping!

25th July 2010

zip ride
I would love to have been on that zip line with you guys. What fun. Glad you are having a great trip. Sure anxious for you to get home -- Love you bunches, Nama
25th July 2010

I wish you could have been there with us! It was so much fun, you would have LOVED the view! Love you ~

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