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Ryan Edwards

I am a 23 year old College Graduate Student at Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi. I'll be graduating with my Master's on August the 7th, shortly after my return from Peru (the current focus of my blog)

My previous entries detail my 4 week study abroad course in London, trips to Paris, and Ireland.

Today was quite possibly the most fun day I've ever had. I've had a lot of fun days, seen a lot of cool things, and done a lot of cool thins, but today...well if it doesn't top them it ties them for first. The day started at 9 am when we were picked up by a small van. He took us through Montego Bay to two other resorts to pick up other people. Among them were two newly weds (as of yesterday!) John and Samantha. They had gotten married at their resort and were using it as a dual wedding/honeymoon. They were very nice people and close to our age (26~). We chatted with them for the hour ride up a mountain and through the jungle. Once we got to the “base camp” we headed to ... read more
Geared up

Today was a very long, but very fun day. We started off by waking up early, 8:30 am, slathering on some sunscreen, swimsuits, and beach towels, and heading down to meet our tour bus by 9. The bus left promptly and we were on our way to Ocho Rios for a long day. It took about an hour to an hour and forty five minutes by bus to get from Montego Bay to Ocho Rios, but this is only because the highway is two lane and the speed limit is 80 KPH aka 50 MPH aka SLOW. Once we arrived we went to two souvenir shopping centers and spent too much money. Then we went to a crafter's market, which was one of the strangest experiences I've ever had. These people live in extreme poverty here ... read more
Bigger view of Falls
Kenji, eating
Me, falls

Hi from Jamaica! Its Thursday, July 22nd, 2010. Its about 10:42 PM and I'm sitting on my balcony at the Holiday Inn SunSpree All-inclusive resort in Montego Bay Jamaica. Its amazing here! We arrived after a short 3.5 hour flight on the 21st, and we took a quick 10 minute cab ride (with a nice/funny driver) to our resort. Once checked in, we dug into the food and drinks and we really haven't stopped since. Kenji and I are eating like 4-6 times a day! Mostly snacking all day with one or two decent sized meals in between. I'm going to be fat when I come back!! There are a lot of things included in the package, but some that are not. You can use snorkels for free but cannot go out to a reef (on ... read more

Well, After a very long, and very tedious day, we have discovered that travel to Lima is impossible for the next 3 days. As Kenji's dad works for Continental, we are flying very cheap, and therefore we are on standby. Today the flight was extremly overbooked, due to weather conditions from yesterday, and as a result we missed the flight today. The problem is, the next 3 days are also really overbooked for the Lima flights. After sitting down for 3 hours today and exhausting all possabilities (Panama, New York, Los Angels, Bolivia, Columbia, etc) and then connecting flights, we realized there is no way to get us to Peru on standby in the next 4 days. Even if we paid full price for a ticket (1800$) there is a high chance we wouldn't make it ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima July 15th 2010

As of today, my plans have been solidified for a week long trip to Peru. A dear friend, and my old roommate, Sarah Culter has been living in Peru (Cusco) for just over a year. When she first left for the trip she asked me to come visit her while she was there, and of course I said yes. It is now almost time for her to come back to the states (to get married none the less!) and so my time was short. I called my cousin Kenji, with whom I traveled to Japan several years ago, and asked if he would be interested. After much juggling with schedules, work, and my Master's project, we finally arrived on a set of dates that would work for us. Here is our itinerary so far: Houston - ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris July 20th 2008

Well, after an entire month (give or take a couple of days) my journy has come to an end. Not only was today my last day in Paris, but its my last night in London. This does not mean, however, that I actually get to do anything else in London. No, in many ways my last 'night/day' in Londonw as Thursday the 17th, as it was my last chance to do a few things before Paris, and now before coming home. Yesterday was probably the single best day I've had on this entire trip, which is odd because though Paris was fun and I would not trade it for any experience, and I enjoyed it better than Ireland, I cannot say that I prefered France, the french people, or the sights of France over London and ... read more
The Palace
The golden gate
Room in the palace

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris July 18th 2008

I'm in Paris! We left out of London at 6 am this morning, had the train ride on the chunnel and everything, and ended up in Paris at around Noon. Which, was actually 11 am London time, but Frace is 1 hour ahead, so for those of you keeping score at home, that's 7 hours ahead of CST. AKA its 4:30 pm CST now, and its 11:29 pm in Paris, and 10:29 pm in London. My timezones are all over, jet lag is going to be bad... Anyway, we got here at noon ish, and got on this 3 hour tour....a 3 hour tour...:D. Anyway, we went all over and saw, via bus, the big sights of paris, ended up at a good view point of the Eiffel Tower (see pictures) then headed to the hotel. ... read more
The Eiffel Tower!
Me and the Tower
Notre Dame!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Hendon July 17th 2008

The last couple of days have been interesting and fun. Tuesday afternoon Clara and I went to ‘afternoon tea’, which is quite the works of cakes and sandwiches, couple with tea of course. Clara doesn’t much like tea, but I sure do. It was fun, but Clara came ill whilst we were out and about, so we had to cut our tea break, and thusly our night, short. We had planned to see Wicked that night (the musical) though that has no been bumped to tonight (I have the tickets here). She is feeling much better, I might add, though yesterday she stayed in as well. On Wednesday I spent the entire morning and part of the afternoon in the National Gallery. No photography is allowed inside, of course, but I’ll include a couple of pictures ... read more
Dome of St. Pauls'
Golden Priest and Dome
Stone and Golden Galleries

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Hendon July 15th 2008

The title contains two unrelated events, and well, maybe a bit of an exaggeration on the latter part. Let me clarify: This morning (Tuesday 7/15/08) I woke fairly early and decided to pop into town to mail the last of my postcards (by the way, family reading this - I've gotten word a couple of you already have your postcards, to the rest of you, yours should be there any time now, I mailed them all at the same time). My preferred post office is across from a McDonalds (a very nice one with funky chairs and neat wood tables inside), and it is only 1 tube stop from campus. Really it was like any other morning when I travel by myself here. I always take my jacket if its cloudy, an umbrella if its raining, ... read more
Egyptian Obelisk
The Rosetta Stone
Rosetta Stone Bottom

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Hendon July 14th 2008

Back again to London! What a disaster the return trip was! On the way TO Dublin, someone jumped in front of a train, so we had to wait 2 hours or so to leave. On the way back, the train moved onto a no-power line, and we had to sit in the dark for 2 and a half hours! So we missed the tubes since they stop running at midnight or 11 on Sundays I think. But Virgin paid for taxis for us, and we made it in around 3 am London time. So, after an all too short trip to Ireland, I am back and kicking in London. However, this week I will have a lot more free time, and intend to do some travel around London on my own, catching a few things here ... read more
Guinnness Storehouse
Free Pint and the Gravity Bar
Malahaim Castle

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