Days 13-14 Copan Ruinas

Published: February 7th 2012
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Days 13-14

I had to have an earlier night than the previous one as my shuttle was picking me up at 6 in the morning, why can’t they run these at sensible times – the reason is the poor driver has to do a return trip – 12 hours in one day on these roads – he earns every penny if you ask me. He drove us into my last new country of the trip - Honduras and from now on I'm heading back up to Cancun.

El Salvador was a refreshing change as you didn’t have to pay to leave the country, however to get to Copan we had to cross into a bit of Guatemala first and then into Honduras, so had to pay a $2 exit fee to leave Guat and a $3 entry tax for Honduras, my passport is rapidly filling up with stamps and I’ve got to go back to Guat on my way home!!

I found a dorm room at the manzanula verde for £4 a night – I love travelling in Central America:-))))

Nice place and I’d recommend it. Then I had a wander round the compact town which is centred around a park.

At the entrances to all the banks in central America are armed guards but in Honduras there was at least 3 guards outside each bank all with shotguns and bullet poof vests, the banks take their security seriously here!!

The main reason, however to come to Copan Ruinas is of course the Mayan Ruins. It was the capital city of a major Classic period kingdom from the 5th to 9th centuries AD. The city was located in the extreme southeast of the Mesoamerican cultural region, on the frontier with the Isthmo-Colombian cultural region, and was almost surrounded by non-Maya peoples.

Its worth a visit in its own right if you ask me but to compare it with Tikal would not be far as Tikal is stunning, even when its overcast. It isn’t very big and you can get round it in a couple of hours but one of the highlights for me was the Macaws that were flying round, they were gorgeous.

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Copan RuinasCopan Ruinas
Copan Ruinas

turtle altar
Copan RuinasCopan Ruinas
Copan Ruinas

A depiction of what it would have looked like a few years ago

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