Days 15-16 Semuc Champey

Published: February 7th 2012
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The next day I found myself on another bus to Coban back in Guatemala (for the third time).Near to Coban are the caves of Lanquin and the karst lakes of Semuc Champey.

Semuc ChampeySemuc Champey is a beautiful series of small ponds and pools on a natural land bridge that crosses the Cahabon River. In the Mayan Kekchi language, Semuc Champey means Sacred Water. The Cahabon River submerges itself at the entrance of Semuc Champey and resurfaces about 400 meters later after it passes this natural limestone bridge suspended with beautiful crystal clear ponds. In this unique natural formation you have water with shades of light green emerald to dark blue sapphire.

Before reaching the lakes you have to climb around 300 metres to a vantage point and then you walk down to have a swim in the lakes, there are lots of little caves under the falls that you can swim under and some natural slides made from the falls and a few dive points, from which I dived into the crystal clear water.

This is a smaller version of Plitvice lakes in Croatia which I visited last year except for 2 big differences and they are you can swim in them and the water is warm:-))) Another difference is that the place was a bit deserted

When we got into Lanquin caves the guide took us off the trail and we did some climbing up a very dirty and slippy rock face for a bit of adventure. The guide didn’t have a torch so he had to borrow my headtorch – it pays to be prepared:-))

Boring bits

I stayed in Coban which meant I had to travel on a tour for 3 hours there and back which meant a 12 hour day. Also 2 of them hours were on dirt track which resulted in a very bumpy, spine jarring ride. I would advise to stay in Lanquin as the tours there spent much longer in the falls and see other sights that aren’t possible for the day tour from Lanquin.

Stayed at the Posada Don Antonio for 2 nights for £8 and had a room all to myself.

The best place to eat in Coban is Casa D’Acuna next door to the Don Antonio and its full of fab orchids all over the place. It also arranges shuttles and tours.

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