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4th March 2015

Happy Traveller
Once again you surprise me - on the road again I see. 9 years later (Morocco) you finally get to a place or two I have been to LOL - Panama, San Blas Islands and Santa Marta - All good spots.
10th July 2014
Lake Moraine

Lake Moraine
This pic was took just as the lake was thawing in June, the lake had yet to return to its aqua blue colour in July but the payoff was the abundance of snow on the mountains.
25th June 2014

Fantastic collection of magnificent mountain pics. I'll post some on the Magnificent Mountains thread in the Photography Forum...Enjoy
14th March 2013

Where to Shop in Singapore
Chinatown is one of the most popular place everyone heard about it and your post is really good m enjoying while reading this post. Where to Shop in Singapore
2nd April 2013

Orchard Road
I'm glad you enjoyed my waffling, if you have a large wallet Orchard Rd is the place to be:-)
14th February 2013

Another wonderful trip. You will be enjoying looking back on these trips in your old age!!! No seriously what an opportunity to travel like you are doing. Keep going. I loved your new found chum!!" The Singapore Light Show was very similar to the one we saw in Las Vegas. We enjoyed that experience when we went last year on route to Hiwai. Keep blogging and enjoy. Love Sylvia
11th February 2013

Almost here?
I was going to shoot you an email yesterday and looked what hopped into my inbox this morning. KL is almost my backyard you could just a bout skip down here for the weekend and visit me and Kate. Carol and I have just signed up for a 13 week overland Beijing to Istanbul - We will be flying through KL on our way to Beijing in August. If you hang about for 6 months I will buy your beer for the night - hehehe. Keep on blogging. And careful on the curry.
5th November 2012

Sounds like it was a very challenging holiday and not like the ones that you have been on before. However a change is as good as a rest and I am sure you enjoyed the experience. The scenery looks magnificant. The Hekla Volcano must have been wel worth seeing. Love Sylvia
4th November 2012

Not Fair
You rotten bugga - Iceland is on my list - I want to do some serious photography there. I need a guide -
21st October 2012
A guy smoking opium!!

rajastani gentleman sitting typical indian fashion!!
dosen't seem to be smoking anything? think that's a hookah pipe on the table! certainly no expert but it might be difficult to smoke opium through such a pipe, as a kindly rajastani man told me whilst offering me a liquid distilled from the afore mentioned drug....
14th February 2012

Tassie Friends
I see whe finally got amention. Not convinced you slept in atent until I see a photo of YOU in one - A picture of a tent doenst cut it. LOL Page 19 mentions a femal travelling friend in the futur? Whats the gossip on that?
4th October 2011
Necklace made of tree bark and a nut!

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From Blog: Amazon Days 4-5
6th July 2011

Love this place
Nice photos;-) I have been there twice and would go again - it seems magical for some reasons. enjoy
5th July 2011

Happy Travelling
As always I find your travel blogs interesting - what a coincidence - we have other friends travelling to many of the places you have been. They sent photographs of Bled and a superb campground (with cabins) where they hire bikes for a few days - beautiful country - I was thinking I should contact you and ask if you would be interested sometime in visiting that part of the world - and there you are. Regards David T
5th July 2011

Brings back memories of my trip to Belgrade and Sarajevo. Sarajevo, like you mentioned, is a great mixture of East meets West and is in fact one of my favourite places visited. P.S, I've recommended you (whatever that means) by pressing a button I found near your name. Keep up the happy travelling!
16th September 2010

I like your presentation and knowledge about pokhara , hope many to learn more about your journey
23rd August 2010

, she was another one that got away (from the chains:-)
From Blog: Day 6 - Bergen
21st August 2010

But what happened to Mila J?
From Blog: Day 6 - Bergen
23rd June 2010

sorry about the scorpion!!
23rd June 2010

David what a lucky escape you had with that Scorpion and the pain on your face tells it all. I bet you were glad when the pain eased. The Lodge looks fantastic, and a nice way to end a wonderful holiday. No doubt you have loads of antidotes to apraise people with. After your mother reads about the Scorpion she will be glad you are home!! Take care.
23rd June 2010

eresting to read about your White Water Rafting. I had a go at that when I was in New Zealand dare I say about twenty odd years ago!!!! At the tme thought it ws great, but would die if I had to do it again. Sounds as if you had a bril holiday. Down to earth now and back to porridge!!!!!
22nd June 2010

Hiya, You sound like your having a whale of a time. This is the best blog ever, those gorilla's - they're so gorgeous!. Take Care Jackie x
20th June 2010

Franklin River
Well if you liked that on the White Nile you better come to Tassie and we shall organise a 10 day Franklin River rafting trip WITHOUT the 9 hour bus rides Good stuff David M
14th June 2010

Hotel Rwanda
Hi David Great to see you on a new adventure. The Hotel Rwanda images are in stark contrast to the tradgedy of the crime. I watched the movie a couple of years ago and at the time I DID realise that it was based on true events. I suspect that modern movies have a way of insulating people from reality and that many people just watch teh movie to be entertained and as a raceof people we dont learnt from or past at all. Thanks for sharing your adventures.
14th February 2010

Pub Tours Rule
Great Blog as usual David. Another fine example of a Brit touring the world via Pubs LOL

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