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9th February 2010

Wow looks amazing
3rd October 2009

More about the Girls on your Bed
Hi David - what a letdown - more about the girls on your bed please - I hope your learnt from this always have a bottle of Wine handy. I have arrived in cairo and sean turned up as planned - we start our tour Sunday morning
1st October 2009

Looks amazing....
But not so sure about the swimming/bathing with the pirhanas. Iguacu Falls looks Stunning. I've learnt more reading this than all those years of geography lessons at school. Take care x
29th September 2009

Kate will freek when she see the Spider skin your holding. Your having an amazing adventure p tell me will I get the same sort of culture shock when I visit Blackpool ?. It is 7am in Tassie - Wed 30th Sept - I am having a lazy day at home before I head for the aiiport at 3pm for the first leg of my flight to Cairo. Take care.
From Blog: Amazon Days 4-5
22nd September 2009

To David's Travel blog
Great adventure jungle Jim. Liked all the pictures, just loved the picture of you with the sloth.The sleeping arrangements would bring tears to my eyes! Take care and keep safe. Mum x
22nd September 2009

Reply to David's Travelblog
David I am amazed at your latest venture. I think I will put your name forward to go into the Jungle "I'M A CELEBRITY GET ME OUT OF HERE" I think you could walk it and be crowned King of the Jungle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take care. Love Sylvia
19th September 2009

There you go again!
Kate got home today and SHE was the one to tell me about your travel blog - shame! shame! So close to Tasmania yet so far. Looking forward to reading more - Those 2 Spaniads swho started drinking at 10am sound like they have the right idea! I am of to Cairo with Son Sean in 10 days - for oyr 4 week overland to Istanbul followed by 2 weeks of Crusiing the Easternd Med and 5 days in the cotswolds. Any chance we can catch up ? We will be in Highworth ( near Swindon) from late on the 14th November until Miday 19th November
28th March 2009

go for better hotels
suggest you go for better hotels, at this rate i am surprised you even had cold water. enjoy!!!
25th March 2009

Very entertaining and educational. Good advice and a peek into traveling in Nepal. It gave me good ideas for our trip late this summer.
22nd March 2009

Did you buy an Elephant to take home?
WHat fun your having - Carol and I have been home a week from out tour (and wedding) in South India ( Feb 23 - March 12) I didn't realise that you were in India until I got home - Keep on Travelling and Blogging - Kate and Sean are in Cairo doing a 37 day overland to Istanbul _ I think they are hoping to catch up with you in Blackpool May or June. Woohoo - keep on going. You Blog is great.
21st March 2009

David it looks like you are having a holiday of a lifetime. How on earth are you going to settle back into a nine to five job after all this fresh air and excitement. Keep the Blogs coming and continue to enjoy.
19th March 2009

Taken to the cleaners
Hiya Sylvia hope you and the family are well, I've just taken half of my clothes to the cleaners, I didn't want to wash it at home in case it turns everything else pink. don't think y fellow ravelles will be too impressed though. Nice to hear from you, will be posting another entry soon David.x
14th March 2009

Your Trip
You are certainly having a ball and seeing how the other half live. You will be dining out!!! on this holiday for a long time to come. Especially the story about the powder and paint. Keep smiling and continue to have a good time.
9th March 2009

Mon Chat - 9 Mar 09
Your travels and comments are brilliant. The Taj Mahal looks awesome. I must get the map out and track your travels. Have fun and enjoy - which I think you are doing!!!! Love Sylvia and Harry
8th March 2009

Poor dogs
From days 6-7 Jadhpur Interesting paragraph on how the Indian people deal with the waste. I feel so sorry for the dogs!
5th March 2009

Get some hot water
take some better hotel, nice you have a good sense of humor. you can choose a slighlty better hotel and they will give you hot water. cheers
4th March 2009

Wot, no hot water!!!!
You must be very smelly by now, David (yuk). You just don't get the same lather with cold water (don't you find)? We are all enjoying reading about your adventures and Glen is really missing you. Take care of you and your pennies.
4th March 2009

Hi Ania Hope u and Marcin are well, no hot water I know I'm not coping very well and my hotel today didn't have hot water either!! Off to see the tigers over the next 2 days - Inshallah!! Missing you guys
3rd March 2009

Hello David, I'm so jealous ... It seems to me that India is an awesome place. I'm just scare of having no hot shower, how can you live with that :) Waiting eagerly for the next part of your travel blog :) Kisses and Hugs
19th January 2009

You've missed a lot of fun!
Hey! It doesn't seem that you've seen much of beirut!!! there too many beautiful places to visit, from Ashrafieh, to Gemayzeh, to Jounieh, all the to Harrissa, and the beaches!!! to name few!!! what about Beirut the city??? and building out in the mediterranean? I couldn't believe all that building taking place! it rivals, Monaco and Beverly Hills!! it seems that you were in a bad hotel as well!! should have a better itinerary next time!!! too many historical and stunning places that you didn't see it seems!!!
From Blog: Day 1- Beirut
26th November 2008

Just finishd reading about your trip to Israel!
Hello David! So as the message title reveals, I read about our journey and enjoyed i a lot. I'm myself planning a trip to Israel in the spring with my friend, something of a celebration for graduating from high-school. So now that I'm searching for hostels here and there, I thought if you'd remember the ones name that you stayed in EinGedi? The price 113 shekels isn't the cheapest, but it still fits the budget! Thanks for your time, and if you have any tips for a couple of backpackers, feel free to ad some:D Have a great day and keep on bloggin while tripping!
19th September 2008

How Much!
Can't believe you paid £20.00 for a taxi. That's a first. Seriously, it all looks really interesting mate. However, I feel a night with you and your photos looms!! Stay safe.

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