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It was a very smooth journey from Antigua Guatemala to Copan Ruinas including a trouble-free border crossing which really surprised us! We stayed at the Garden Hotelwhich, although it looks nice and had a lovely riverside location, disappointed us to the extent that we wished we had stayed in a backpacker hostel for half the price. There were constant problems with water which they were (two times out of three) able to resolve within moments which suggested they had done something in the first place! Anyway, let's not dwell on that. Copan Ruinas was a great place to hang out for a few days. It's a shame we didn't have better weather though. We wandered around as we usually do on our first day and really enjoyed the picturesque cobbled streets and the feel of the ... read more
Taking shelter
I wanna be a bat!
Copan central square

My original plan was to take a Hedman Alas bus from La Ceiba to spend a night in San Pedro Sula before heading west to Lago de Yojoa. But in the morning the German owners of the hotel informed me that the bus wouldn't be going. I asked if it was too empty to go, and they said no - that the driver had been shot the night before. The news channels in Honduras cover the violence and protests non-stop, and people can't seem to look away. It was pretty surreal to watch press conferences akin to Leslie Nielsen's character in Airplane telling everyone that the situation is under control and to remain calm, and then other interviews with a man wearing a ski mask. I asked my host mom if he was a gang member, ... read more
Lonely Soldados in the Great Plaza
Exit sign
Parque de Las Aves

Sat 24-Sun 25 November - Day 29 to 30 - Copán Ruinas, Honduras It was time to leave Guatemala after 11 fascinating, fun days in the country. We embarked on a lengthy bus ride to Honduras into the charming town of Copán. Starting off at 8.00am we stopped several times and arrived in Copán Ruinas at around 3.00pm. We checked into Hotel Lauros, which was family owned and soon found the town was small, hilly and with many cobble-stone roads. Alfredo had to take one of our NZ travel mates to see the doctor as she had bn very sick and ended up on a drip etc. The rest of us found ATMs to get some Lempira (17 Honduras Lempira to $1.00AUD). We then found the San Rafael wine & Cheese Restaurant and our Melbourne ... read more
Macaw Mountain & Nature Park Copan Honduras (171)
Copan Honduras (26)
Copan Honduras - San Rafael Win & Cheese Restaurant (1)

Copan Ruinas is probably the second most popular destination for visitors in Honduras primarily because it is the base to see the best Mayan ruins in the country. I knew about the “Macaw Mountain” bird park but wasn’t expecting it to be anything special and it turns out to be just as good as the ruins. To have both of these in the same very scenic and visitor friendly (plenty of good hotels and restaurants) town make this a great place to stay for a couple of days. Macaws, the largest members of the parrot family, are native to this part of Central America and were considered sacred by the Mayans, so there is a link between these two quite different attractions, though this might not have been intentional as the move of the bird park ... read more

First stop in Honduras was Copan Ruinas. I arrived in the evening at a pretty B&B just outside the centre to stay in a room called Luna (the moon) which had a lovely terrace to view the night sky. Not many street lights so I could see all the stars! I went to a local restaurant and luckily they managed to make me some dinner before the electricity cut out. It was quite windy so I ate my dinner using the torch light of my mobile rather than by candelight but it worked! Apparently they were doing some work on cables in the town so the electricity cut a few times whilst I was there. I had more great views from the B&B in the daytime as they have a lovely garden and the terrace overlooks ... read more

The misleading town - Copan Ruinas After an easy trip in yet another shuttle, we arrived in Copan Ruinas which is the misleadingly named town near but not at the Copan ruins. The town is a miniature version of Antigua. A small town square, cobbled streets, nice colonial house and a generally good relaxed and laid back feel. One we arrived we ventured out to the macaw mountain bird park. It was founded to help the diminishing scarlet macaw population and provides a shelter for injured or rescued macaws. The aim is to quickly release the animals or if that is not possible to breed offspring and release them. Macaws are awesome birds with vivid red yellow or blue feathers and a huge wingspan. The park houses also other endemic bird species and we were lucky ... read more
That's what hot chocolate should look like
First pyramid
Stone macaw

Shared taxis – like literally shared with strangers – are the norm here in Honduras and it was in such a cab that I made my way from the hostel to the ferry terminal, realising what a beautiful place Roatan Island is along the way. The place is a Caribbean paradise and it’s no wonder that the place has become over-developed and over-commercialised. There really needs to be a balance in places like this – enough development to give the place decent infrastructure but not so much that any sort of original ambience is completely destroyed by cruise ship passengers and hotel resorts. Thankfully the ferry back to La Ceiba wasn’t anything like the rollercoaster ride over here and I even managed to get some sleep along the way. It was the second leg of a ... read more
Great Plaza
Scarlet Macaw
East Plaza

We left Caye Cauker early in the morning and arrived in Belize City, a short walk to the bus terminal, to catch a chicken bus to San Ignatius on the Guatemalan border. Only a couple of nights stay, but it would break our journey as we made our way to to the Guatemala. And lucky us, we arrived just in time for the annual town reggae evening. I don't think we slept till the wee hours. San Ignatius a small rural town in lush sub tropical rain forests was quite touristy but we found it quite pleasant and the Belize people very friendly. We wandered the streets discovering the market and local walks and ruins. Along with a top breakfast at a spot called Pops. The next day we hopped on a bus to the border ... read more
Flores, Guatemala
Flores Guatemala

I'd be lying if I said any travel agencies recommended our 'Get to Copan' in one day plan/request. All of them recommended an overnight in Antigua. But we've been there, and didn't want to waste a night. So off we trotted on the route sold as tourist van to Guatemala City, then double decker local bus to the border - in Honduras by half 6. Apart from not. We had to change van at Antigua, no biggie, and arrived in GC at about the right time, and got on our big bus (not a double decker) at 14.45, figuring we were good. Wrongggg... It started to go a little wrong when our bus was literally at a standstill for 2.5 hours not long after GC. Lots of emergency vehicles went passed but no emergency was apparent ... read more

Waw, what a day! We certainly made the most of our one day in Copan with a morning exploring the ruins and an afternoon in the hot springs followed by a traditional BBQ in the rain forest this evening with our travelling family. When we arrived two macaws flew over us and there were some nesting in the trees. The ruins were soooo interesting and our guide, Marvin the Marsian, was full of knowledge and funny jokes. We had three and a half hours exploring and learning about the Maya culture and what all of the structures were. Then we took a tuk tuk back to the hotel as it was sweltering and had some lunch. Our ride to the hot springs was bumpy to say the least but so worth it. Sipping beers in naturally ... read more
Family BBQ

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