Cayos Cuchinos

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Cayos Cuchinos

This is where we stayed

Hey Everyone,
So I have been really lazy with this travel blog. I just do not like writing very much. I would rather go to the beach. From now on I am going to try to do more short entries with pictures, because that is what you want to see. I know i said i would tell you about the rest of my trip over Christmas, but I will do that later.

Since then, things have been going well. My mom and Uncle Kurt came down for a week and we had a lot of fun. I will put up some pictures of that on this entry or the next one. Also, my friends came down for Semana Santa which was a great time. It was really great to see people i know. I cant wait for my dad to come down in June. Other than that, everything has bewen pretty normal. I go to the beach as much as I can. The weather has gotten hot, but I am pretty used to sweating all the time. I joined a fast pitch softball team which is pretty fun. No one on the team can hit or catch though and we lost our first game 40-0 at least. We are practicing though and will hopefully get better.

I am done with classes on June 5th, a good birthday present for my birthday the next day. Honduras plays the USA in world cup qualifying on my birthday wich should be fun. I have to hang out around here doing paperwork and stuff until June 22nd. Then my dad comes until the end of June. After that I am traveling around Nicaragua and Costa Rica until August 6th when I have a flight home. If anybody wants to travel with me at all during that time let me know. After that I am probably going to find a job somewhere else. I have a friend living in Lima, Peru and that sounds like it might be where i will go next.

Alright so this past weekend we had a three day weekend and we went to some beautiful islands off the coast call Cayos Cuchinos. We got a boat out one day and they picked us up the next for 35 dollars. We camped on the beach, snorkled, played soccer, and had a great time. The water was incredibly clear and beautiful. I will post pictures of that in this blog.

I will post another blog with a bunch of pictures of other things later.

Hope everyone is well back home.


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11th January 2010

this picture is amazing my friend. Looks like a fantastic adventure down there.

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