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Honduras's Independence Day is September 15, and Teachers' Day is September 17, so we get to enjoy 3 days off from work for a lovely 5 day weekend! Jessica, Paule, and I were originally going to head to Utila (Bay Islands) but Paule had a death in the family and flew home to Canada, so Jess and I decided to join some others on their travel plans to Sambo Creek. I have never been and was excited about seeing something new. Jill and Dan (new administrators) drove their own car, while Jessica, Mollie, Elisa, Colin, Baby Dunnivan (Colin and Elisa's 6 month old), and I shared a rented van. It was about a 10 hour journey to get there (starting at 5am!) but we arrived at Villa Helen's in Sambo Creek, just outside of La Ceiba ... read more
Journey on our Dive Boat!
View from the main island
Welcome to Cayos Cochinos!

Up at 5am to catch a 7am ferry. The ferry system here isn’t completely disorganized, it is just chaotic. I decided to try to minimize the chaos by going at 7am on a Sunday. That has to been the best time to go, right? (As Monday at 9:30am was packed.) Turns out, Monday was not packed. Today was packed. Like what Ellis Island must’ve been like. Or a mosh pit. I thought, “what sort of insane person would take a 7am ferry on a Sunday?” ALL of the insane people, apparently. The term “Sunday driver” takes on a whole new meaning when you pack a ferry full of ‘em. The trip made Villa Helen’s all the more welcoming, as it is tranquil, secluded, and mildly eccentric. On the ride here, through La Ceiba, brightly colored laundry ... read more
My balcony.
View up to my room.
Barbed wire at the beach.

Hey Everyone, So I have been really lazy with this travel blog. I just do not like writing very much. I would rather go to the beach. From now on I am going to try to do more short entries with pictures, because that is what you want to see. I know i said i would tell you about the rest of my trip over Christmas, but I will do that later. Since then, things have been going well. My mom and Uncle Kurt came down for a week and we had a lot of fun. I will put up some pictures of that on this entry or the next one. Also, my friends came down for Semana Santa which was a great time. It was really great to see people i know. I cant wait ... read more
The mainland from the boat
The mainland from the boat
My friends and rum

The equivalent of one third of Honduras’ GDP is wired home every year by Hondurans living and working abroad, the vast majority of course in the States. Without that constant inflow, the economy would collapse completely. Everywhere you go, somebody is asking you where you are from and telling you that they once worked for a year or two in Minnesota, Texas, California, or even Ontario. More often than not they are going back there in a few months. Throughout the country there are Western Union outlets, as well as less well-known operations, dedicated to keeping that money flowing. On a Friday afternoon there will often be a lineup down the street outside these tellers, young mothers picking up the money from their husbands that will feed the children, older mothers receiving pensions from their grown ... read more

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