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September 19th 2008
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A gecko in my roomA gecko in my roomA gecko in my room

We see these in the house a lot.
Hey Everyone,

Sorry I haven´t been able to update this much. The internet is really unreliable. I am going to post a bunch of pictures on this entry. I will write about what is going on later. The computer and internet are pretty slow so I cant do too much at once.

So there are some pictures. I will put up more soon. I need to upload some from my camera, and get some from Sarah´s friend.

A new foreign teacher came yesterday and he is from Colorado. He graduated from CU in December.

I thought I was going to be able to watch the CU-West Virginia game on ESPNDeportes because last week they showed the Thursday night game, but this week they showed soccer instead. I am pretty sad. It would have been nice to see the game.

Talk to you all later.


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The ShowerThe Shower
The Shower

This is how the water is heated for the shower.
A tree in our yardA tree in our yard
A tree in our yard

This tree is really beautiful it has a lot of flowers on it. I will put more pictures of it later.
Sarah planningSarah planning
Sarah planning

This is the teacher from England, Sarah.
 A funny sign A funny sign
A funny sign

This sign makes me laugh every time I see it.
Coca cola BeachCoca cola Beach
Coca cola Beach

This is the closest beach to our house. It is about 10 minutes away.
A ship A ship
A ship

This ship is sunk at Coca Cola Beach. They caught it carrying drugs.

This is Jonathan. He is a teacher at the school that has shown us around town a lot.
The StadiumThe Stadium
The Stadium

The stadium is a block from our house

This dock is part of a restaurant. If you go and buy a drink they let you hang out on the dock and swim.

This is the beach at Travesia, about a ten minute bike ride away. The beach is really nice, but it has a lot of trash on it. It is sad.

Shade on the beach.

19th September 2008

the latest
Farley - trashy beaches and drug boats run aground - looks to be an interesting place. does look like you've met a few folks to show you around and keep your perspective on things. how are classes going? why do tumolos make you laugh. in the yucatan, they seem to be the ONLY effective traffic control devices. on the road we were staying on, there were a set about every 100 meters, or less. hope all else is going well. take care. Bill
19th September 2008

WVU vs. UC
Are you ready for this? Final score 17-14 in OT. The Buffs win it in overtime and now are 3-0. Mucho better then the Bucks. Have a great humid day as we prepare for three weekends of Oktoberfest. Dave and Carole
19th September 2008

Nice Pics
Hey bro! It was nice to see your pictures! Your house looks pretty nice! At least the water looks nice on the beach's. We got a good laugh out of the picture of that sign too! Hope you are doing well and enjoying yourself. Love ya!
19th September 2008

CU wins now that Farley has left the House
It looks like all it took for CU to be any good was Farley in Honduras
28th September 2008

3-5' surf at SanO this morning
Farley, I finally checked out my 'at home' email this afternoon (it's tough to keep up with all the email - work and home) and learned that you have a blog. This is really cool and my first entry onto a blog. So, it was a tough weekend for the buffs - although, FSU looked pretty good. JoAnn and I went to the new Ladera Ranch Sports Bar to watch the FSU vs. CU game as it wasn't televised in sunny southern Calif. We sure miss meeting up with you guys, the flat irons, beer pong, pink pillors, celebrating in the student section, crazy late night dinners, etc. My Spartans beat Indiana (a bit lucky) yesterday (we're 4-1). We go to Iowa next week and then I'll head to Evanston, meet up with Jackie and attend the Northwestern vs. MSU game. Somehow, I've bought 13 tickets - I'm sure Beth and Taylor will be joining us. She found it quite entertaining that the NW ticket prices are less than the CU home game prices. Ticket prices are probably going up as NW is now 5-0. So, where are you in Honduras - on the Carribean side? It looks like you could surf on some of those smaller sets. Note: It was overcast this morning at SanO but the waves were clean (as was the beach) and some sets were head-high. The pictures are awesome although, the trash is a bit sketchy. Looks like you need The Surfrider Foundation to get engaged and support the beaches of Honduras. So, how's the job? What age are you teaching? We need some pics of the classroom and students. And, how long will you stay? Well, I'll write again soon. I'm off for a few days in Prague. Stay safe. We'll be in the student section in Boulder before you know it. All the best, Papa Dauw

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