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Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Northern » Omoa April 25th 2014

Our Arrival The bus from Puerto Cortes was heading to the border with Guatemala so we got dropped off at the main road turn off to Omoa. It takes about 15 mins to walk to the beach from the road. Where We Stayed Roli's Place - L180 for a double with shared bathroom. We paid L250 for a double room with private bathroom. There are also dorms available. Rooms are spacious and have a TV. There is a kitchen, free drinking water and free bicycles and kayaks. The hostel is set in large gardens with hammocks, seating areas and a sun lounger. The area is great to chill out for a bit and lizard spot in the gardens, we also saw a scorpion. They have 2 friendly dogs and a guinea pig roaming the grounds. There ... read more

Vor 2 Tagen haben wir nun die Grenze zu Honduras überquert. Die Schweinegrippe hat eine kleinen Gesundheitsfragebogen mit sich gebracht, welcher jedoch eher eine Alibiübung zu sein scheint (genau so wie die Masken.....nicht ideal, wenn man sie kehrt nach einer Weile um sie noch etwas länger nützen zu können) Eine Nacht haben wir dann in Omoa verbracht, wo der verschmutzte Strand Wünsche offen gelassen hat, die Fahrräder des Hostals dafür um so mehr Spass gemacht haben. Gestern in der Früh sind wir dann nach Utila und werden hier sicher noch eine Weile bleiben. Utila ist eine der günstigsten Tauchgelegenheiten und so werden wir unseren Kurs am Sonntag starten. Natürlich mit viel Vorfreude und auch ein bisschen Nervosität. ... read more
Wir sind mit dem Radel da...
Wir sind mit dem Radel da...
Wir sind mit dem Radel da...

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Northern » Omoa January 17th 2009

Well that was a really dodgy entry to a country! We get off the "ferry" and had to get our own way to the immigration office on the other side of town. The captain still had all our passports, so we are pretty keen to get them back! So we waited for 45 mins wondering if we would ever see our passports again or be really stuck! They eventually came and we got our taxi ute to drive us the half hour to Omoa. Omoa was sweet! A quiet, little, holiday, beach town and the backpackers we stayed at was tops, (Rolis place, alot of rules tho!).We had our own room for 10 bucks, big kitchen, close to the beach and a huge yard with pingpong, a rabbit and a snake! A perfect spot to chill ... read more
Roli´s rabbit!
Roli´s Place
Our room for 10 bucks a nite.

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Northern » Omoa December 19th 2008

Hey Everyone, Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. I am leaving tomorrow to travel through Honduras and Nicaragua, so I have no idea where I will be for Christmas. I hope you all have a great Christmas. Please write messages and comments to me about what is going on everywhere. Talk to you all next year, Farley... read more

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Northern » Omoa December 7th 2008

Hey everyone, The internet has not been working very well and I have been pretty busy so I have not been able to post an entry in a while. A bunch of the teachers and me went to the Honduras-Mexico world cup qualifying last month. It was a huge game because Honduras had to win to go to the next round of qualifying. This time we rented a bus to go to the game so we had no trouble getting ther and back. The game was awesome. We got there about two hours before the game and the stadium was almost completely full already. Everyone was cheering and making noise the whole time. By an hour before the game the stadium was completely packed. It was also pouring rain most of the time which made it ... read more
Punta Sal
Punta Sal
Punta Sal

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Northern » Omoa October 21st 2008

Hey, Apparently we are in a "red zone" so school is canceled agian today. They canceled it last night so I didnt even have to get up early. It was good that they canceled it last night because it isnt even raining today. This red zone is weak. I think we are going to the beach today. Anyway here are some more pictures. Okay so I am all caught up on posting pictures. It is nice to have two extra days off school. Also I made a couple maps of where I live and where I have been. I am going to try to keep up better with posting blog entries and pictures, and replying to messages and emails. I may have a few more pictures to post after I get some off other peoples cameras. ... read more
Our street at sunset
Our House

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Northern » Omoa October 21st 2008

Hey Everyone, School got canceled today because of the rain. All the streets are flooded. It is still raining so school might not happen tomorrow either. It has been raining a lot lately. We keep getting tropical stuff from the Carribean. Last week, it rained for two and a half days because of a tropical depression. I guess it is like this a lot during hurricane season. I had some time to upload pictures today so I am posting a lot on this entry. I do not mind the rain much yet. It is kinda fun. I think I have seen more rain in the last week than the whole rest of my life. I went to the Honduras-Canada world cup qualifying game in San Pedro a couple weekends ago. It was really fun. The crowd ... read more
A flooded gas station
The park
The park

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Northern » Omoa October 9th 2008

Hey everyone, Sorry that it has been a while, but I am really busy all of a sudden. There seems to be an endless stack of papers to grade. Also, I started Spanish lessons for three hours, two days a week, I am coaching girls basketball, and I am tutoring a little 5 year old boy two days a week. I am starting to not like having 6 different classes, because there is so much stuff to do for them. The girls basketball team is fun, but a lot of them are really whiny and practice is tiring. We had our first game two weekends ago though and that was really fun. The girls are smaller and younger than the other teams, and haven't played before so we got killed. Spanish lessons are good so far. ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Northern » Omoa September 19th 2008

Hey Everyone, Sorry I haven´t been able to update this much. The internet is really unreliable. I am going to post a bunch of pictures on this entry. I will write about what is going on later. The computer and internet are pretty slow so I cant do too much at once. So there are some pictures. I will put up more soon. I need to upload some from my camera, and get some from Sarah´s friend. A new foreign teacher came yesterday and he is from Colorado. He graduated from CU in December. I thought I was going to be able to watch the CU-West Virginia game on ESPNDeportes because last week they showed the Thursday night game, but this week they showed soccer instead. I am pretty sad. It would have been nice to ... read more
My room
My Bathroom
The Shower

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Northern » Omoa September 6th 2008

Hey, Sorry it has been a while since I wrote, but the internet at the school has been broken all week. I am at an internet cafe now and the internet is really slow, so I am only going to write a little. I promise I will post pictures as soon as the intenet at the school works. I am glad to see that so many people are reading this. Hello Brian and Kelly, Uncle Kurt, Uncle Mark, Uncle Dave, Vicky, and anyone else. I just wanted to let everyone know that I am okay and school is going well. I am starting to figure out the tough class a little. I am not the only one having problems with them. All the teachers are having problems. The rest of my classes are great though. Isaac ... read more

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