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April 21st 2007
Published: April 21st 2007
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Roseaux, Haiti Waypoint 18º 36’.215N 074º 01’.165W

On Saturday morning, we lifted anchor from Jérémie and headed back north for the journey back to Grande Goave. We were recommended to stop in a little village along the way named Roseaux. This quaint little village is located in the South along the Northern shore line between the city of Jérémie and Corail. During our short stop here on Saturday we took a 30 to 40 minute hike to see two sights of interest. The first one being this little cove that needs to be put on a post card!! And the second is a cave that was tucked in the side of a nearby mountain. Covered with insect repellent, we set foot to see these wonderful sites. As we hiked along, we where surrounded by curious local kids and the village official. Arriving at this cove, we found a dozen kids playing in the ocean before us! What a sight! We took many lovely pictures and continued on our hike.

The path lead us to find this cave that was quite large. We entered by crouching though a small entrance and once inside, after our eyes adjusted to the darkness, we were greeted by its inhabitants! Small bats!! We were surprised at the fact that it was much larger than we expected. We gazed at the natural skylights which illumined this natures beauty. The villager that was with us told us that this cave was frequently used for Voodoo ceremonies. We could definitely see where the many candles had burned in the past, kind of makes you wonder what it would be like to see this ceremony with your own eyes.

This little village has a working generator, but only use it on special occasions. A collection goes around the village to raise monies in order to purchase diesel fuel and the beast is fired for special holidays like Christmas, Easter, and certain festivities.

On the hike back, some of the crew members decided to cool off in the beautiful cove we had seen earlier and spent some time playing with the local kids in the water.

We spent only a short time here but will come back soon. There is much more to explore here. We left Roseaux around noon and continued our sail north toward Grande Cayemite, where we planned to spend the night.

Annie & Eric
In Haiti
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9th June 2008

Roseaux jeremie
Thank you for your nice note about Roseaux, and for making sure that the people's dignity and good manners is showed in a positive light. Next time have some “Tom Tom” it is a bread fruit mash, similar to fufu This is my childhood place; I sued to spend my summer vacation there. I haven’t been back since I was 8, but still rember every corners of that place, form the church, to the market, and Gomier. I would like to figure out a way to start a conservation project there, and highlight the importance of that region.
29th October 2009

Beautiful site
Hey thank you for these pics cause soon after That I visit there 07, 08, 09 itook my wife with me, it is more interesting when you interact with the inhabitants there, every time we go there, a family cooked a typical roseaux seafood dish for us, this place is lost tresor, beautiful site for tourist. And I am looking foward to go again next year. Thk aigan for these pics
13th November 2009

18th October 2011

roseaux, haiti
now roseaux is going to be even better because the nationale road 7 ( highway 7) that cross it just received some layers of asphalt up to gomier so far, i will be going to jeremie soon and i cant wait to go and take a dip @ the cove.

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