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April 22nd 2007
Published: April 22nd 2007
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Pestel, Haiti Waypoint 18º 32’.581 N 073º 47’.455 W

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do then by the ones you did. So throw off our dock lines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover” a quote from Mark Twain.

Only now do we realize what we do on a daily bases, to be Living a True Adventure!!. From pulling into places you have never been before, and having your breath taken away by the beauty!! To being the only one you know that has ever been there!! To seeing, through our eyes, what we have seen over the past years!!

On Sunday morning, after a restful night anchored in Grande Cayemite, we lifted anchor to visit Pestel. This village called Pestel, is tucked in hill side, just off the Baie des Cayemites. The anchorage was quite breath taking as we set the hook and dropped the skiff to explore this nearby village. The first thing that differs from the other villages we have visited, is the ground is red!! Everything is stained red, from the earth. A soil that is rich in iron,we believe, has everything covered in it’s glow.

The city lines the water front for about 500 meters, where the port of entry offers a cement dockside and 300+ degrees protection, since it is surrounded by islands. It’s really tucked in there and, if it were not for a local guide from Grande Cayemite, I’m not sure we would have seen it at all.

We tied the skiff and began our trek trough this town. Pestel is like none else we have seen. Not only because of the color of the soil, but the street are also very clean and there are actually well designed building and roads. It is set between the valleys of 2 or 3 mountains and the vegetation is so lush there, you can practically feel the trees growing.

Houses were well kept, clean of debris and manicured with decorative plants. This was the prettiest town we have seen so far. Appreciative of their surroundings and educated in the way they maintain it. We were also very pleased to find a representative office of the SEMANAH (port authority) here. We have began discussion and will come back with information on the formalities of clearing customs here, as opposed to clearing in Port au Prince, which we have recommended against in prior blog entries. This would be a fantastic thing if we can confirm that both customs and immigration can be done through this hidden treasure of a town. Stay tuned for future updates (which we will also forward to

We found Pestel to be a gemstone and is, so far, one of the prettiest places we have visited, but our adventure is still young…..

Annie & Eric
In Haiti
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24th April 2007

What a paradise!!! To see all this first hand is surely breathtaking and your description makes me feel I am there. Just loved the photos and the very picturesque streets with all the lush vegetation. Can't wait till we can have a movie night when you get home. Lotsa luv xxxxx
25th April 2007

the other side...
Hello you both, It has been a while since I sent you my comments, this doesn't mean we don't read you, I guest the quote from Mark Twain is for something... From reading your blog I understand there is Port-au Prince and there is Haiti.... you manage to bring up a lovely side of that country... we all find it beautiful... imagine... Wow Peste !!! Hope to see you soon ...
26th April 2007

I've seen a lot of pictures of Haiti, but these are just Beautiful!!
12th June 2008

i from pestel and i remember this peoples
4th November 2008

Looking forward to be at this beautiful place
...I am looking forward to my trip to Haiti. I will visit this lovely place and expect to meet nice, nice people!
7th January 2009

Souvenirs d'enfance
This is the city where I had my first breath of life and look at where I am today in the cold London, Great Britain. I had tears in my eyes to see so simple testimony of beauty of my native town. Thanks to the both of you for that. Haiti, thank God, is not only Port-au-Prince.
18th January 2010

pestel is my home town i want to know if everything is ok the.
my family is the
26th January 2010

i can make a change in their lives as well as you can!!! :)
i am in the seventh grade and at my school truman middle school we are having this fundraiser for the haitians!! so far we have 500 dollars thats why we need your help if you can start raising money and then give it to the red cross then that would be great but the red cross in grand prairie texas . we also are making this fundraiser fun its boys verses girls and the team that wins get a prize and i think we are going to give out ipods!!!
4th September 2010

My home sweet home
I'm from Pestel . I left Haiti about 22 years ago, but it feels like I never left Pestel I think about it all the time. I remember all the slangs, I don't forget anything about this unique place ,most of all once you there you are family. Here's a little Pestel language:"wap mache wi" meaning you might get in trouble and you could go to jail.
16th January 2011
Little girl from Pestel

papa julene good morning everyone it comemt julene is en port au prince

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