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This final blog entry will be a bit brief. Half of our group, including myself, did not make the connection in Montreal back to Halifax so I am already behind the eight ball in returning to normal life and do not have time for a big entry. I do, however, want to put some finishing statements on the trip. Tuesday in Haiti was a big day for me. Jodi and Dr. Coles (my trauma fellowship preceptor) left that morning to return to Halifax. They had some other commitments so had to get home a bit earlier than the rest of us (turns out that was a good idea, since they might not have made it!) That meant that I was left as the staff surgeon for the day. I am fully certified in Canada to work ... read more
While Daryl and I bang away on the leg
Charting. Always charting.
TBE Halifax

Central America Caribbean » Haiti » Port-au-Prince February 26th 2018

Today was our “day off,” which I admit I was not in favour of initially. We were only in Haiti for a week so I thought we should be working as much as we possibly could while we were there. I didn’t feel leisure time was appropriate. However our day off ended up being so much fun that I am glad we did it. Additionally, I realized that not everyone is used to working crazy resident hours. Twelve+ hour days for five days straight is a lot, and the team as a whole was ready for a break. Before we set off, Deirdre and I put on some lectures for the Haitian residents. We had a good turnout and the residents were engaged. I gave lectures on pediatric femur fracture management and distal humerus fractures and ... read more
Deirdre brought props!
Our learners
View from the "observatory"

Central America Caribbean » Haiti » Port-au-Prince February 25th 2018

Saturday started with a plan to operate all day again. After a bit of a late start (it’s a weekend in a developing country – this was not unexpected) our first case took much longer than we had expected. We were just going to “pin some broken toes,” basically, but it’s much harder to hit tiny little bones with tiny wires than you would think. To add to our woes, our drill that pushes the wires in continually stalled until it died all together, then we literally used the drill as a mallet to impact the wires in manually. Quite aggravating. I’m also pretty sure I now glow in the dark after exposure to the radiation from all the xrays we are taking! We wear protective lead, but at home I have circumferential lead and here ... read more
Checking sets
"Corn pops"

Central America Caribbean » Haiti » Port-au-Prince February 23rd 2018

Today was a big day of operating. Not much else to report, really, and likely not of huge interest to people who don’t do orthopedic surgery! Of course I have to be fairly vague on details when it comes to clinical stuff out of respect for patient privacy, anyway. The first case was a radius fracture in an older gentleman who had fallen onto a curb and broken his arm in two places. I was particularly delighted because I had seen this gentleman in clinic the day before and booked him for surgery, but he had a family friend with him and they wanted to discuss it with his immediate family and then come back. I said that was fine, but if they wanted surgery the next day they had to arrive before 8am, fasting, so ... read more
Lunch on the roof
Evening entertainment
Team Bone Repair!

Central America Caribbean » Haiti » Port-au-Prince February 22nd 2018

On Feb 21 Jeremy drove me to the Halifax airport and an ungodly hour with two carry-on bags and two giant duffle bags crammed full of group medical supplies. I was starting the trip to Bernard-Mevs Hospital in Port-au-Prince with a group of healthcare workers from Halifax. We were all heading down together for a week under the support network of Team Broken Earth, which is a medical aid organization founded by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Andrew Furey out of St. John's Newfoundland. Dr. Furey originally began his medical aid work in Haiti during crisis relief after the deadly earthquake of 2010. Since then, Team Broken Earth has expanded and evolved to provide more ongoing care, infrastructure development, and health worker education. I really love this organization and I have been following them for some time, but ... read more
Airport chaos
Xray viewing

Central America Caribbean » Haiti » Labadee June 27th 2017

Today I was up early and so I went up on deck to take some photos of the ship without people in them. We were pulling up to Labadee for our first port. After I was done I went back to the room and Nikki was up so we got dressed and went to breakfast. Nikki and I are not huge lay on the beach people so we were not in a big rush to get off the ship. We had breakfast and took some time wandering around the ship before going down to the gangway. After we got off the ship we walked to Adrenaline Beach and found some chairs that were in the shade. It was going to be a hot day and we wanted a place to go where we could cool relax ... read more
In Labadee
Labadee and Oasis
Giovanni's Table

June 10,2017-Cap Haitien Airport I arrived in the airport around 12 o'clock noon.I paid 10 dollars as a tourist fee in the immigration desk as I leave the arrival lobby. From there, I took an airport taxi to take me to my first destination which is a Resort.You will notice a lot of taxi drivers waiting just outside the airport departure lobby and will approach you to offer their service persistently.It would be wise to bargain with them before agreeing to take you for a ride.I asked the desk officer in the tourism desk for assistance where to change my money and she walks with me outside and bring me to an old woman who changes dollar to Haitian gourd (Haiti currency).Having a gourd on your pocket will be handy for paying bills which are less ... read more
Cormier Plage Resort
Way to Citadel
Citadell Lafarriere

Central America Caribbean » Haiti February 24th 2017

Geo: 19.7667, -72.2681This is the third and final port we will visit on this 7 day cruise. I researched and booked excursions for the first two stops but this one I left up to Scarlett. Not knowing what she or her son wanted to do and realizing their fear of traveling, I hesitated in making any commitments for this day at the resort. Labadee is a port located on the northern coast of Haiti. It is a private resort leased to Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. until 2050. Royal Caribbean has contributed the largest proportion of tourist revenue to Haiti since 1986, employing 300 locals, allowing another 200 to sell their wares on the premises for a fee and paying the Haitian government US$12 per tourist. The resort is completely tourist-oriented, and is guarded by a private ... read more
A Nice Closeup Shot.
Dragon's Breath Zip Line
Welcome Sign

Central America Caribbean » Haiti January 4th 2017

Geo: 19.0829, -72.356Royal Caribbean's private peninsula. Only ship I today so we had the area to ourselves along with the other 2000+ guests. Did some kayaking and caught some sun.... read more
Area history briefing

Central America Caribbean » Haiti October 1st 2016

Geo: 19.0829, -72.356... read more

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