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April 20th 2007
Published: April 20th 2007
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Jérémie, Haiti. Waypoint 18º 38’.480N 074º 06’.574W

“Some historical Snippets on Haiti” Taino Indians named the whole Island Haiti, meaning ‘Mountainous’. (The highest and lowest points in the Greater Antilles are found just miles apart near 71 degrees longitude - Pico Duarte at 10,417 feet and Lago Enriquillo at 130 feet below sea level). Columbus claimed Haiti for Spain during his first voyage of 1492 and named it Hispaniola. He lost his small flag ship the ’Santa Maria’ on the reefs at Caracol Bay soon after. In January 1492 he started construction of the medieval style city of La Isabela at 71º 05’.00W on the north shore. La Isabela was abandoned four years later for a more favorable location and the city of Santo Domingo was established. This city became the principal business and cultural center of the western hemisphere for the next three centuries. This importance caused the whole Island to be known as Santa Domingo, until 1697 when Spain ceded the eastern portion to France, and the remaining portion to France in 1795 under the terms of ‘The Treaty of Bale’. A slave rebellion that started in 1791 and was later lead by D.Toussaint L’Ouverture, paved the way for his successor ‘Dassalines’ to declare the western portion a republic in 1804, and himself Emperor. Dessalines chose to revert to the original Taino name of Haiti for his new republic. Following Dassalines death in 1806, rule of the Republic was divided between ‘Petion’ in the south and ‘Christophe’ in the north. Henry Christophe endeavored to sophisticate his supporters and improve the country by contracting teachers, doctors, and engineers from Europe but the military brute force that he used during the construction of his Citadel fortress has eclipsed his positive contributions. The Eastern part of Hispaniola then known as ‘Spanish Haiti’ came under Haitian rule in 1822 until 1844 when the Haitians were pressed back and the Republic Dominicana was established. A treaty was signed in 1936 and this has maintained a strained but peaceful co-existence.
Don’t you feel more intelligent now!! Hey who said this was going to be a lesson in history!! This is not something I knew we just copied this off our Wavey Line charts!! Thought you might find this interesting!!!

We dropped our anchor in the harbor of Jérémie around 3pm on Friday, after the sail from Grande Anse.

Since no dingy docks exist at the moment, we sought alternatives for going on land. We were kindly offered to raft our skiff to a cargo ship that was at the main port dock. As a matter of fact, even while we were dropping our anchor, we receive a call on the VHF by captain Scooby! Yes, you read it right; his name was Scooby, like the cartoon dog. The foreign captain was native from Dominica and was a little concerned with our positioning, since the surrounding waters of the port are not very deep. He offered to have us raft the vessel to his port side, but we assured him that our draft allowed us to moor in shallow waters, but we did take him up on the dingy rafting offer. We tossed the line up and they tied the painter securely. One by one we hoisted ourselves aboard his vessel and , as we boarded, we saw that the action was full force on his ship. Everything was being unloaded by hand. After a brief tour of the ships bridge, we set foot to visit the city.

As for Jérémie, this is one of the major cities along the southern north coast (Southern part of the Gulf de la Gonave). As you walk along it’s streets, you can feel it’s history. The streets are lined with French colonial buildings built way back when. There is an active port, where cargo ships dock for delivery of everything from rice to building supplies. This city is run down but, there is active life here.

A vehicle was kindly loaned to us and we drove around until the sun began to set. We spent a calm evening onboard and rested for our next days sail back towards the north.

Annie & Eric
In Haiti
Please keep posting your positive comments, they are so encouraging.

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17th November 2007

This helps me so much!
Thank you for having this blog up! I'm writing a story that I needed to take place in Haiti, and was trying to find out where in Haiti to set it. After reading your comments on your vacation there and especially seeing the pictures, I know it needs to be set in Jeremie! Thanks so much! :)
23rd January 2008

One of the best places in Haiti
HI, I am from Jeremie and I want people truth about this beautiful city. Jeremie city is a best place if you are working and have some other opportunities. If you need to have a peaceful life just to Jeremie and you will want to leave it Believe that
21st February 2008

Hey, I just got back from working with Haitian Health Foundation in Jeremie, Haiti for 4 months. I loved it--I remember all the places in your picture!
23rd February 2008

I have been to Haiti several times. I have never been that far south to Jeremie thanks for the pics. Haiti is land of contrast and for the open minded adventurer and you will see the rich the poor, the art, metal works, the vivbrant music, the colorful buses.
4th August 2008

Beach nordern Jermie
I like to ask, if in the beach close to Jeremie, are the wracks of an old submarine. I fly in a UN helicopter in this area and the siluete close to the beach is very exactly to a submarine. Something can give me more information. Thanks
26th August 2008

Jérémie: submarine
I was in Jérémie in 2002 and have been swimming close to that boat. I have pictures from the air too - looks like a sub indeed. I adopted a girl from Haiti - that's why we were there. Jérémie is a very nice place!
16th September 2008

I would like to know if Jérémie has been touch by IKE. gilbertmelanie@hotmail.com Thank you
30th October 2008

not submarine
I think when I lived in Jeremie the sunken boat was explained this way. During a coup the lights of the harbor were switched to the other area to prevent destruction of the real harbor. The one ship went aground and was left for the enjoyment of many swimmers for years to come. I don't know who the ship belonged to. Question is Projet Gebeau still active? Thanks
29th December 2008

Info on Jeremie
Hello. I am looking for good pictures, if anyone has them of St. Louis, the cathedral in Jeremie. I am looking to have an architectural rendering of it done. Also, I have an ancestor buried in the cimitiere verrette (sp?) there. Any info as to where it is located in the city and whether or not it is easily accessible. Many thanks for any help!!! Best
12th March 2009

Info on Jeremie
Jeremie the peaceful city of Haiti, It is a beautiful town, please visit Jeremie, you will enjoy the locals. Inexpensive, free beach (Anse D’azur); Cimitiere (Grave) Verette is still exist; it is located in La Source Dommage. For all my soccer friends (Juvens, Ajax and others) I missed you all.
16th March 2009

travel to Jeremie
How do you get from Port-au-Prince to Jeremie?
23rd March 2009

Project Gebeau
Project Gebeau is alive and well! Just returned from a week in Jeremie with a United Methodist group, where a new orphanage is being constructed in the Project. This is my third time working at Gebeau-- the last two times we were focused on irrigation. See www.heartsforhaiti.org for more info.... Ted
4th April 2009

We were in Jeremie
I just returned from Haiti, including teaching a three day seminar in special needs to teachers in Jeremie. Thank you to those great teachers for an experience of a lifetime for me! We learned a lot from each other. The drive from the city to the plane to Port au Prince is unbelievably beautiful and so cultural! K
19th April 2009

never forget jeremie
i was a police officer there for 5 years loved it very well , but corega has given me a transfert from jeremie to trous-du -nord . that,s why i left the haitian police since .because at that time the organisation was controling the Police not direction generale . i'm missing a lot galaxie band so does Cosmos. madame boss i do miss you too peace jeremie
11th June 2009

Homesick for Jeremie...
I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your photos. I married a Jeremie girl and have spent a lot of time there. I love being in Haiti, and Jeremie in particular. Your photos make me want to head to the airport.
4th July 2009

mwen vle
mwen vle ke jeremi pran yon lòt nivo poy tout moun kapab jwenn sa yo bezwen, mwen nan venezuela mwen ap etidye jeni sistèm e là mwen retounen mwen vle mete mwen nan sèvis grandans. se yon fason pou mwen kotribye a devlopman vil mwen an.
14th July 2009

This is a nice place to visit
Haiti is a nice place to hangout and the are a lot of house,boats ,and people and that a plce were the have good food
18th July 2009

1st August 2009

i never visit jeremie.
i never visit jeremie,but i will visit it ,my boyfriend from jeremie,he's always talking with me about jeremie,he show me the picture of jeremie, i love it .......................thank you!!!!
1st August 2009

i will love jeremie
i will love jeremie,because i see it on picture,then my boyfriend from jeremie,he talking me about jeremie..i will to visit jeremie......thanks
23rd September 2009

project gebeau
The project Gebeau is still running, now with an extension up to December 2010.
28th September 2009

Projet Gebeau
Moin vle di nou moin kontan ke projet gebeau la toujours. Moin te alle l'ecole Gebeau de moyen 1 a certificat, ce te yon bon l'ecole chants, theatre, manje chak jour, bon souvenir. Blan yo te traiter nou byin. Moin ta rainmin oue plass ca counye a. Machan bobori, dehors machann canne mangot nou te conn aller bo rvie you nan recreation...... Moin rinmain nou toute Haitien fre' m se'm yo. Jesus revient beintot soyons prets.!!!!!!
1st November 2009

I knew this city and what I have to say is: Amazing.......
19th November 2009

wishing of something greater
i think jeremy is the most peacefull city in the entire world no lie and te most beautiful compared to its architecture,but i think that i am not satisfied,we can be something better ,greater something that everybody can see not only us from there.we got too many things to show to the world,we have to take care of the place and that's home.
2nd December 2009

c est une tres belle ville
c est une tres belle ville
6th December 2009

jeremie toi la ville ou je suis nee
I am from Jeremie, I travel there four times a year but I can't get enough of its beauty. I missed the comparettes chez madame Seneque, grillots, Anse d'Azur, la riviere Grand Anse, la Voldrogue et la Guinaudee. Please visit my non profit/ charitable organization called AN-N EDER to help the children in the rural section of jeremie. You Can Contacts Us Twitter : @Ann_Eder Email :annederletshelp@gmail.com
9th December 2009

the town of jeremie
it is not so beautifull enough ,i hope it will become more beautifull when i go there.
17th December 2009

Mi ciudad natal
Soy René Pierre-Luckner. Naci en Jeremie. Ahora vivo en la ciudad de Mexico. Jeremie es la ciudad mas bella y mas verde de toda la Républica de Haiti. Es un buen lugar para trabajar y vivir. Yo recomendaria a todos visitarla. Durante estas vacaciones de verano voy a visitar Jeremie con unos amigos Mexicanos. Ustedes deben hacer lo mismo para poder valorisar mas su calidad turistica. Espero que cada uno de ustedes, qienes son Jeremiens y que viven a fuera de Jeremie ( al estranjero) van a hacer lo mismo que yo. Jesus regresa muy pronto, Ponganse abusado! Luckner, les quiero todos desde Mexico.
13th January 2010

14th January 2010

I want to know if Jeremie was affected by Earthquake yesterday. I am concerned about my friend and want to know if he is OK
16th January 2010

Trying to locate Jean Fenthon Aristhomene
I'm not sure where Fenthon was from but the town of Jereme sounds familiar to me. Fenthon came to Ocala, FL and was enrolled in a 2-yr course at Central Florida Community College. The last known address I have for him is Bowdon Rue Butte #2, Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The phone number is (509) 45-6577. Is there some way I can locate him? Do you have a directory that I can access from the internet?
22nd January 2010

a land of peace
I recently traveled to Jeremie with HHF....what a beautiful, strong, kind, HOPEFUL people they are there! Especially out in the mountain villages, they have very little but they have such a huge sense of pride, family, religion, love and hope.....so who's "poor" and "backwards" here?....them or us in the USA?
22nd January 2010

Relief efforts
Why can't relief and medical supplies be flown into Jeremie? There are thousands of refugees arriving by boat, bus and truck from PAP and they are in dire need of help.
23rd January 2010

Did the earthquake affected Jeremie?
Newscasts have concentrated on the capital of Haiti. Have other cities suffered considerable damage and casualties? Is some help getting to them?
24th January 2010

26th January 2010

Haiti forever
I took my son to Jeremie when he was sixteen (1996) and many other locations. We went over the mountains...Haiti, the reason so many of us love you is because we are called to you. Been there 12 times, coming back to help SOON!
2nd February 2010

Spent 2 1/2 years outside of jeremie in bonbon with peace corps 98-2000. Would love any information on bonbon or the area in general. How about Patou at Chez Patou in jeremie? Rete!!!
21st February 2010

i miss you
i love you Jeremie. Any town can replace you in HAiti.Again, i love my beautiful birthplace.
21st February 2010

i miss you
i love you Jeremie. Any town can replace you in HAiti.Again, i love my beautiful birthplace.
10th March 2010

I love Jeremie that is most beautiful place on earth
11th March 2010

Travel to Jeremie
My fiance lives in Jeremie. I would like to travel there directly from Florida to Jeremie (and not connect through Port-au-Prince). Does anyone know how this is possible? Know of any airline that can do this trip? Thank you!
16th March 2010

Ma ville natale
I love you Jeremie, siempre estaras en mi corazon. I miss you in this moment. Vernt43@yahoo.com
17th March 2010

my great-great-grandfathers were from there. thanks for showing it
19th March 2010

je suis jeremien.
hi i'm jefferson i'm from jeremie haiti my sweet is wesh by hotel delivrans. i'm a special man i'm so pround to be haitian and i love my country very much. all i want to say i have a dream for my sweet caracolie i wanna rebuiding the road............thank you '' haiti for life''
21st March 2010

Adoptive parents of Haitian Boys
Thank you for pics of Jeremie,both our boys were born there.Have added pics to favorites so the boys can see where their roots are till we find it adviseable to take them back to visit. As I write this I am planning a return trip to assist in rebuilding after the quake.
25th March 2010

Ma ville de coeur
I love u Jeremie
2nd April 2010

Home Away From Home
My mom is from this part of Haiti. I visited over ten years. But, I will never forget went I encountered. I just can't wait to have my children enjoy what the island has to offer. The history, the love, the passion, the music, and most of all family. the worl never gets to see the beautiful parts of the island. The world only gets to see the poverty and desparentness of the people in that poverty. But, what the world at large doesn't see is the people fighting to survive.
11th May 2010

why cant i
it looks beautiful i wish i could go there
15th May 2010

Mon coeur
Jeremy is beautiful i which to go there but i cant, i want to see it when i get older
26th May 2010

Looking for Hotel or Bed & Breakfast in Jeremie
I will be going to Jeremie on a mission to build schools, clinics and other facilities to help the people in that city. I need to find a place where in to house my staff who will be overseeing the projects. Does anyone have any suggestions. Please advise soon. My travel date is next week. Tks
1st June 2010

about my country
omg i love my country so much
8th June 2010

I'm doing genis mecanique
I was born port -au-prince , i don't like . I like jeremy because that your country my mother , i love it. my mother from front rouge torbeck .
23rd June 2010

I want to Help my Coutry Haiti
I am so sorry to here that Haiti is in Dangry Problem that is bad thing i am hereing when i here that i was very, very, very sad i was crying alot i aws nvery,very sad and my mother to. I LOVE YOU HAITIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII. From:Janinta Clerger
27th June 2010

Projet d'avenir
Jérémie est une ville sur laquelle je fantasme souvent. J'ai beau été me promener à travers son histoire, il me reste toujours ce côté imaginaire, idéalisé d'un lieu magnifique. Différents secteurs de la société haitienne ont été occupés par des ressortissants de cette région. Je veux espérer qu'un jour j'y viendrai. Et pourtant, la situation cahotique du pays, aujourd'hui aggravé par le séisme récent tend à me faire perdre espoir.
29th July 2010

i never find a haitian man that com from jeremie
31st August 2010

i love my jeremie
thank you jeremie.
31st August 2010

i love my jeremie
thank you jeremie.
31st August 2010

i love my jeremie
thank you jeremie.
31st August 2010

i love my jeremie
thank you jeremie.
3rd September 2010

Hope for my town
I know my town is not sleep the people in Jeremie are not tired , we hope that the diaspora who are from there in Jeremie we can say that it's shame to them , for whos forget about where they was born.Please remember our city let's work tougether and do things for our city , let's wake up jeremie, let's clean our beautiful city, we havea great history, we need visitor, but if we dnt clean our house , how will need people come to visit. The Marie of the town u have to clean we vote u cause we believed on u, now do not forget about what we did for u, The goverment of that town , u represent us , the senator and the diputor, do some also, Jeremie is for us............ I Love u jeremie my beautiful town
25th September 2010

sassier jeremie
Hi I'm Patrick ,of corse i from jeremie but in paradise where i was born name's sassier.If you never been there you should go ,where you will see the beauty of the trees ,mountains that i miss so much.too many thinks to say go see yourself.I LOVE SASSIER JEREMIE. SEE YOU SOON
12th October 2010

Je t’acclame en ce grand jour J Ethérée écarte-nous d’Andromède Ramène-nous sur la terre de Jupiter Edicte-nous les leçons de triangularité Mère des esprits éveillés, Salem Illumine-nous par ton feu inoui Enfant du firmament étoilé
6th November 2010

I love tis page
thanks for the info, my parents are from jeremie although I've never been there I feel so connected to it. I can't wait to go visit.... So thanks for all these great stuff you shown me a bit of where I'm suppose to be.
14th November 2010

A word for the City of Jeremie!
I went for a visit in jeremie last April,I saw a lot of beautiful sites of this town which I love very much.yes, the City need a little clean up,but I also saw many improvements that had been made there also.I love this City, and hope many people will take a trip,go for a visit there on vacation and you will see what I am talking about. And for the person who asks how would he get to Jeremie? You can get there either by plane,vessel or by vehicle.
24th February 2011

la plus belle ville d'Haiti
Jeremie est la plus belle ville d'HAITI point final
15th March 2011

i was born jeremie i jeremie for 14 yr my familly still in jeremie i love jeremie see you soon thank you
4th August 2011

how beautiful is that!!!!!!!!!
i realy would like to visit but i cannot get there on my own and there is no one able to take me there so if u could get me there please do so.thank you

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