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February 1st 2008
Published: February 1st 2008
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alrighty soo i guess nothing over exciting has happend the past two days...lets see weds morning like every monring we hang out with the kids at the toddler house till about noon. its kind of frustrating with them because there at the age where they cna talk but since we dont speak or understand to much of their lanugauge its hard to commincate there has been a few tempertantrums!! however since we are given a particualr group of children we can not spend all are time witht eh oterh kids, we have a play room which the kids are only aloud in with there volunteer (me & alison) we have to lock ourselves in because the other kids always try and come in so now they jsut stand outside the door crying and knocking it sucks alot especailly since the older kids always help us find are little ones ( they all look the same ) and then theyw ant in to play and we ahve to say no and shut the door, so hopefully we can find some extra time and hang out with them too.
the last two days we have had four kids go hom with their "forever families" that was exciting one family was from spaine, utah, holland, and umm colorado i think.
This weekend well the next week is Kanaval or "mardi gras" as some ppl call it. everyoen goes intot eh city for it schools, and everythign shut down all week the airport is even closed downbecause port au prince is soo crowded so that means we will be stuck at teh orphanage for the weekend, maybe hopefulyl do the rice feed up into the more pooror part of the mountains. i found some seasons od oprah and reba on dvd so maybe we will watch
i saw the first bug here today actually two! i saw a butterfly! it was big and orange!..lola nd then i found a cokroach in my kitchen!!! so i wont be doing anymore snooping in the cuboards for pots!!
i have a lovely sunburn!! i learnt my lesson i need to wear my sunscreen! all this laying inthe sun for hours hurts! for everyone at home stuck in the freezing cold!) my arms and chest are burnt and my face really bad! i ahve a nice sunglass tan!
ooo this is exciting!! for me anyways!! we got pizza for supper!(a real supper yaay!) im having a hard time eating the meat here and we usually have rice with eveything and the only snacks are what i brought from home so my tummy is feeling offly empty but supper tonight was soo yummy!! i felt half full!! lol
anyways i better get going were watching a movie hehe

keep the emails coming its nice to hear from people at home!!!

lots of love


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